Season 1 Episode 38

The Demolisher

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 13, 1985 on

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  • The Demolisher, a warrior who scours the galaxy seeking the next opponent to fight, comes to Third Earth and challenges Lion-O.

    At first, I thought this episode wouldn't amount to much, but it turned out to be quite good.

    The Demolisher is an interesting character. He lives to fight but for no cause. He doesn't believe in anything. Lion-O tries to make him see that his fighting is pointless and that he will one day be pointlessly defeated. Their battle is really interesting and exciting, but it slowed to a halt and there was no victor. Lion-O just displayed some of his power and strength and preached to the Demolisher. The warrior winds up running away, but does not admit defeat.

    The Demolisher's cheerleader, Dirge, could have been annoying, but he was actually kind of funny.

    I also liked the moment when the Demolisher tells Lion-O to look behind him and then attacks, saying he fell for the oldest trick in the book. Then, Lion-O says that there is an older trick and throws dirt in his eyes. That was great. The Demolisher even defeats Mumm-ra. He must be a powerful guy. I would like to see him again in future episodes.

    This is a decent episode and worth the watch. The main problem is that the animation is kind of poor. It seems that less frames were used, and it looks really choppy.