Season 1 Episode 36

The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 11, 1985 on

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  • Under Mumm-ra's control, Charr-nin, the djini of the golden harp, captures the Thundercats and takes them to the center of Third Earth.

    The story to this episode was solid, I just thought that it wasn't interesting or exciting.

    Charr-nin isn't an interesting character. I don't understand why Mumm-ra would want his help. If Mumm-ra is the most powerful wizard on Third Earth, then why would he need the help of a djini?

    I didn't think that the battle at the center of Third Earth was exciting. The Thunderkittens pull an old trick on the djini to distract him while Lion-O frees himself. You see it all the time in these cartoons. The final scene with Mumm-ra escaping from the center of Third Earth was well animated, but I do get tired of hearing Mumm-ra repeating that phrase "as long as evil exists ..." This is another Thundercats episode that can be skipped. Nothing interesting here.