Season 1 Episode 9

The Garden of Delights

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Sep 19, 1985 on



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    • (After the ThunderTank crashes down a deep crack in the ground)
      Panthro: Take it easy, Wilykat. How do you feel?
      Wilykat: With my fingers!
      Panthro: No joke! Be glad you've still got them.

    • (Two Molemen seeing Tygra)
      Moleman 1: It's a man.
      Moleman 2: Uh, a cat.
      Moleman 1: (walking away) It's trouble.
      Moleman 2: Let's burrow.
      Moleman 1: Yeah, let's burrow.

    • Snarf: Were you scared, Lion-O?
      Lion-O: Me? I knew the sword couldn't be used against me. Panthro reminded me of Jaga's warning.
      Snarf: Rreow! But were you scared?
      Lion-O: Darn right I was!

    • Panthro: You are thinking logically, son, and sometimes logic does not work.
      Lion-O: What does?
      Panthro: Ingenuity!

    • Panthro: Be careful.
      Tygra: As a cat!

    • Mumm-Ra: Everything has a secret. Nothing is without a taint of evil spirit.

    • Snarf: (sweeping up fruit cores) What a mess! Snarf, snarf! What a terrible mess.
      Panthro: (entering) Snarf, where's Tygra?
      Snarf: You tell me. Snarf! Look at this mess. Just look at it. I've got all I can do to look after Lion-O without... oh, snarf, snarf.
      Panthro: Tygra is so neat. This is not like him at all.

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