Season 1 Episode 11

The Ghost Warrior

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Sep 23, 1985 on
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Two Bolkins (sheep-like beings from Third Earth) unleash the ghost of Grune the Destroyer, a renegade Thundercat who once terrorised Third Earth and now turns his attention to the Thundercats.

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  • Star Wars plot line works great in this episode.

    This episode had a definite Star Wars quality with the character Grune. Grune and Jaga were once best friends, both were ThunderCats, and they fought side by side against evil. But then Grune changed, he turned away from the ThunderCat ways to evil ways and ended up fighting against Jaga. This is very similar to the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobe. Anakin and Obi-Wan were once best friends, both were Jedi, and they fought side by side against evil. But then Anakin changed, he turned away from the Jedi ways to evil ways and ended up fighting against Obi-Wan. Like in both stories, later in life the two ended up facing each other again in a battle though that is where the differences began. Whereas Obi-Wan allowed Anakin to strike him down, Jaga became the victor against Grune. In both cases, they fought with swords.

    It was a wonderful episode though for the adult viewer, it leaves you wanting to see more of the interaction between Grune and Jaga. And it was an extremely cool scene when Lion-O was able to give Jaga both his sword and his strength. Overall, one of the show's best episodes. Grune is certainly a much more interesting villain than we've seen so far.moreless
Earle Hyman

Earle Hyman

Panthro, Redeye, Ancient Spirits of Evil, Grune The Destroyer, Captian Cracker, Hammerhand, Cruncher

Lynne Lipton

Lynne Lipton

Cheetara, Wilykit, Mandora, Luna, Warrior Maidens

Doug Preis

Doug Preis

Lynx-O, Guardian of the Book of Omens

Earl Hammond

Earl Hammond

Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Tug-Mug, Vultureman, Ratar-O, Snowman, Hachiman, Ro-Bear Berbils, Top-Spinner, Claudus

Larry Kenney

Larry Kenney

voice of Lion-O / Jackalman

Peter Newman

Peter Newman

Tygra, Wilykat, Monkian, Bengali, Alluro, Capt. Shiner

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Sword Powers: (First Use) Lion-O can cast his Sword of Omens into the spirit realm for Jaga to use.

    • This is the first time since before Jaga died in Exodus, that the Thundercats, other than Lion-O, have seen Jaga.

    • Goof: When Cheetara comes out of her trance, Panthro sits her down in a chair. The Thunderkittens immediately run to her side, Wilykit on her right and Wilykat on her left. We then see Tygra talking and then a close-up of Cheetara with both twins on her left. We then see Panthro then Lion-O and when we return to seeing Cheetara, the twins are once again on opposite sides with Wilykit still standing on her right.

    • Grune the Destroyer should have been effected by the Thundranium like the Thundercats were. Instead he was able to touch and use it without getting weak.

    • Cheetara's Powers: (First Use) Sixth Sense

    • When Panthro first approached Cheetara about using her sixth sense, her response was, "No, I can't! You can't ask me to! It's a curse." She explained that bringing forth a vision could take her to the brink of oblivian. Tygra chimed in saying that it sometimes took her weeks or months to recover from using her gift. When Lion-O told her that she mustn't use her gift, she immediately changed her mind and said, "This time, I must."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Lion-O: Jaga! Take my strength!
      Jaga: No, Lion-O, no!
      Lion-O: I command you, Jaga. As Lord of the Thundercats, I command you to take my strength!

    • Wilykit: How do we fight a ghost?!
      Lion-O: Yes. How do we fight a... Wait! Cheetara gave us the answer! We fight a ghost with another ghost! The mightiest Thundercat of all! Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Thundercats Ho! Jaga! Your ancient enemy awaits you!
      (Jaga appears)
      Jaga: Hello, Grune.

    • Tygra: [Grune's] ship found its way here to Third Earth.
      Wilykat: Where he had easy pickings.
      Panthro: Sure. Who could stand up to a Thundercat gone bad?

    • (After trying to use Sight Beyond Sight to learn about Grune)
      Lion-O: Nothing. The sword showed me nothing.
      Tygra: Because the Eye has no psychic powers.

    • Lion-O: You made a mistake; but mistakes can be valuable if you learn from them.
      Tygra: That sounds like Jaga talking!
      (The sun shines on the Cat's lair, forming a rainbow)
      Lion-O: Maybe that's Jaga, giving me permisson to quote him.

    • Jaga: Better an honest enemy than a false friend, Lion-O. You must learn to tell which is which.

    • Bundun: A door! And symbols were carved in it, to ward off evil.
      Hoodik: We're not evil... just poor.

    • Panthro: (after his chair being pulled out from under him) All right, who's the wise guy?!
      Cheetara: It wasn't any of us, Panthro. There's a... force in here, an alien force.
      Wilykat: And it's stronger than... Panthro!
      Panthro: Stronger than me?! Not likely!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Grune was once a Thundercat and best friends with Jaga. Eventually he became filled with greed and a lust for power. Grune brought shame to the Code of Thundera, forming a group of mauraders who looted and spread destruction across Thundera. Jaga conquered him and banished him from Thundera. He ended up on Third Earth where he continued his evil ways.

    • First mention of Thundranium, which people from Third Earth call Fire Rocks.

    • First Appearance: Grune the Destroyer, and the Bulkans (Bundun and Hoodik)

    • Peter Newman did the voice of Hoodik.

    • The Bulkans are a race of small beings with a slight goat-like quality to their faces and heads.


    • Superman II

      When Grune is banished from Thundera, he is encased in a what appears to be a glass case and sent into space. This is similar to how the three villains, in Superman II, were banished from Kryton, without the hula hoops.

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