Season 2 Episode 13

The Mask of Gorgon

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Sep 24, 1986 on



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the final scene, Lion-O is aboard the ThunderStrike with Panthro, Lynx-O, Willa, and Nayda. Nayda sneezes and says, "Wait till I meet that Chilla again." Willa then says, "Some of Snarf's soup will cure that cold." Both were wrapped in blankets, even though Willa was never frozen. However, the cartoonists made the mistake of having Willa be the one who sneezed and Nayda's voice came out of Willa's mouth and vice versa.

    • Elfshima is an anagram. When the words are rearranged, it says "I am flesh." The Childe is the hills of Elfshima. An evil giant turned to stone whose figure could be seen when silhoutted against the dawn. It can only be awakened by the evil Mask of Gorgon.

    • When Chilla freezes the Schem-lok tree, all the leaves suddenly disappear from it. They neither freeze nor fall, they just vanish.

    • The Mask of Gorgon is embeded in the trunk of Schem-lok in the Treetop Kingdom of the Warrior Maidens. It is the oldest and mightiest tree in that kingdom. It is made of solid silver and resembles Madusa. If the eyes open, it will turn whomever it looks at to stone.

    • The Book of Norvog Noszh is the only history of Third Earth from a time when there was no light or joy and all was evil. It was with this book that Mumm-Ra was able to summon the Childe. The book came to be in his possession because Ma-Mutt dug it up while looking for a bone.

    • The quote, "He kept babbling about masks and books and a child. And what are the hills of Elfshima?" Bengali spoke in this episode was used by Cartoon Network as one of their blips when the show went to or came back from commercials during Toonami.

  • Quotes

    • Lion-O: Lynx-O. You were right. I should have waited for you. But Mumm-Ra made me so thundering angry...
      Lynx-O: You needn't apologize. Just remember, actions taken in a fit of anger are seldom successful.
      Panthro: And I guess there's nothing heroic about losing your temper.
      Lion-O: Yeah. Hotheads get turned to stone and miss all the fun.
      Bengali: You call being a living earache fun?!

    • (using sight beyond sight)
      Mumm-Ra: Lion-O, cast the Eye of Thundera upon the Mask of Gorgon. This is the real power! You haven't the courage to recapture the Mask of Gorgon.
      Lion-O: (lowering the Sword of Omens) You would call me coward?! Let's go, Panthro. We'll show Mumm-Ra who...
      Lynx-O: Don't be impetuous.

    • Mumm-Ra: Ha! Here is the incantation. "Mask of Gorgon, silver white, I now claim thy evil might. Come to me through mystery's mesh. Flesh to stone, then stone to flesh!"

    • Nayda: Hold! Don't come one step closer!
      Chilla: I don't know why I even waste my breath on you. (uses her breath to freeze Nayda)

    • (flashback during conversation)
      Lynx-O: The pages turn and their words bring madness. The Hills of Elfshima. The Mask of Gorgon and the Childe. Sight beyond sight brings evil beyond evil. Oh!
      (current conversation)
      Lion-O: What has the Eye of Thundera's sight beyond sight got to do with this?
      Bengali: Lynx-O couldn't tell us. He kept babbling about masks and books and a child. And what are the hills of Elfshima?
      Lion-O: The forgotten range of hills beyond Mumm-Ra's pyramid.

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