Season 1 Episode 58

The Mountain

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Dec 11, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Lion-O showed true valor and honor in this episode. First when he finally got Jackalman off of him in the river, even though Jackalman was his enemy and deserved to be swept away by the river, Lion-O rescued him after he pled for help. After rescuing him, Jackalman showed his true colors once again by fighting Lion-O rather than swimming with him to safety. Then later despite that incident, when Jackalman was in danger again, Lion-O saved him once more knowing it could likely end up with them fighting once more.

    • If the landslide were realistic, there should be rocks scattered all over the ledge in front of the cave. However, the rocks are only piled up against the entrance to the cave.

    • Bolo Whip Powers: (First Use) By turning the end of the handle like a nob, Tygra can light up the balls at the end of the whip to make a lantern. Like fire, it needs oxygen to stay lit.

    • Goof: After Lion-O summons the Thundercats during the Mutant attack, the Mutants aim their Thundranium weapons at the Eye of Thundera. It begins to warp. In the next moment we see the ThunderTank drive by but there's nothing wrong with the Eye. But when we go to a close-up of Panthro, he makes the comment that it looks like real trouble.

    • When the Mutants waited in the cave to trap Lion-O, their eyes glowed yellow. This is the first time we see the Mutants eyes behave in such a way.

    • Mumm-Ra threatend to destroy Castle Plun-Darr and banish the Mutants from the face of Third Earth if they failed in their attempt in this episode to capture the Sword of Omens. The Mutants failed, as usual, but Mumm-Ra did not follow through on his threats.

    • Goof: When Jackalman pulls the Sword of Omens from Lion-O's claw shield, the blade is short. Then in the next few shots it is extended.

  • Quotes

    • Lion-O: I know it's kind of a white lie, but I don't want to tell Snarf about this excursion. You know how he worries.
      Panthro: Okay by me.
      Tygra: And me. I don't want another lecture about looking after the Lord of the Thundercats.

    • (After disarming the Mutants weapons)
      Panthro: Now it's our turn!
      Monkian: You wouldn't attack an unarmed Mutant, would you, Panthro?
      Panthro: Try me!

    • (Lion-O dangles Jackalman over a cliff after promising to save him)
      Jackalman: No! You promised!
      Lion-O: It's more than you deserve, but Thundercats have a code of honor. (tosses him aside)
      Jackalman: Hah! We Mutants have no such handicap.

    • (Cornering Jackalman in front of the cave)
      Lion-O: You miserable, cowardly...
      Jackalman: (pointing the Sword of Omens at him) Don't come any closer!
      Lion-O: I saved your life!
      Jackalman: (laughs) Never do a favor for a favor.
      (Lion-O roars in anger)

    • Panthro: Move it, reptile! Start digging. (picks Slithe up by his suspenders)
      Slithe: Get your hands off me, Thundercat! You'll be in big trouble when Jackalman gets us out of here!
      Panthro: (pushes Slithe down and laughs) Jackalman?! He couldn't get you out of a wet paper bag!

    • Tygra: We'll never get out of here if we waste our energy fighting each other. We're going to have to work together.
      Slithe: Never!
      Tygra: In that case, we'll perish together.

    • (To Slithe and Monkian who are welding the rocks together with their guns in an effort to get out)
      Panthro: Stop that, you idiots.
      Slithe: Who are you calling idiots?

    • (After pulling the sword from the claw shield)
      Jackalman: You cannot resist the cunning of Jackalman, Sword of Omens! The Eye of Thundera is mine! I have the power of the Thundercats! Plun-Darr, Plun-Darr, Plun-Darr! Jackalman, ho!

    • Lion-O: Thundercats...
      Slithe: Don't let him call the others. Open fire!
      (Monkian and Jackalman fire on Lion-O)
      Lion-O: (weakly) Thundercats... (Slithe fires on Lion-O) Thundercats... I'm so weak. Must be Thundranium. Can't let those blasted Mutants... (with more strength) Thundercats, ho!

    • Mumm-Ra: (to the Mutants) Lion-O is so bored that he has taken to rock-climbing to introduce an element of danger into his life. So much for any threat you pose.

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