Season 1 Episode 64

The Shifter

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Dec 19, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Continuity:
      When Slithe drives the halberd into the Lair's wall, Lion-o cuts off its laser-shooting spike with the Sword. Moments later, the halberd is in use again, with the spike intact.

    • This is the first time we see the Thunderkittens doing separate activities. Wilykat was off joyriding with Lion-O while Wilykit was picking fruit and flowers with Cheetara.

    • Those whose minds were switched in this episode are in this order: Panthro and Snarf, Slithe and Jackalman, Lion-O and Wilykat, Vultureman and Monkian.

    • Lion-O was only able to summon the Eye of Thunder while trapped inside Wilykat's body by putting his hand on Wilykat's hand as he held the sword and then calling out the words.

    • Lion-O rides a spaceboard for the first time on a joyride with Wilykat.

  • Quotes

    • Cheetara: You shouldn't always try to handle things by yourself, Lion-O. If I were you...
      Panthro: If you were Lion-O, Cheetara, we'd all be back where we started.

    • (After Lion-O was unsuccessful at summoning the Eye of Thundera)
      Lion-O: (in Wilykat's body) You try it, Wilykat.
      Wilykat: (in Lion-O's body) Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats, ho!

    • Slithe: (in Jackalman's body) This is no cowardly jackal you're dealing with, cub.
      Lion-O: So your Mutant invention turned against you, Slithe.

    • (The ThunderTank stops just in front of a deep ravine)
      Snarf: (in Panthro's body) Did we miss it?
      Panthro: (in Snarf's body) Open your eyes, Snarf! You can't steer with them shut!
      Snarf: I can't steer anyway.

    • Panthro: (in Snarf's body) It's no use. I'll never be able to fix anything while I'm stuck with this useless body. I can't even reach the blasted thing.
      Snarf: (in Panthro's body) Watch it! That useless body has served me very well till now.

    • Slithe: (in Jackalman's body) This is an outrage!
      Jackalman: (in Slithe's body) I feel so slimy.
      Slithe: Watch it, Jackalman. This scrawny body of yours is no bargain, yesss?

    • Vultureman: I've put Snarf's feeble mind in Panthro's powerful body, and all Panthro's skills in Snarf's useless carcass.
      Slithe: (to Jackalman) I believe he's lost his mind, yesss?

    • Panthro: How come every time there's a big job to do around here, (chuckles) I'm stuck with you?
      Snarf: You'd see things differently if you were me, Panthro.

  • Notes

    • Mumm-Ra did not appear in this episode.

    • One of the infamous outtakes from Thundercats came from this episode when actor Larry Kenney (voice of Lion-O) made the comment "What the **** is a somo-flange?!" In interviews, Larry Kenney has said he said the line in which he made that off the record remark. But in the episode it is in fact Panthro, voiced by Earle Hyman, who said the line. Panthro said, "And keep your foot of that blasted somo-flange" to Snarf as he was trying to teach Snarf to drive the ThunderTank while he was trapped inside Panthro's body.

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