Season 1 Episode 59

The Superpower Potion

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Dec 12, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Snarf has responded to the Eye of Thundera in the past in the same way as the other Thundercats. But when Lion-O summoned the Eye and it woke Panthro and Tygra, it did not wake Snarf.

    • After Lion-O destroyed Vultureman's remaining potion, Vultureman said he would never be able to duplicate the potion. It is unknown why. Apparently he made enough that he believed he could convince Mumm-Ra to share with him the secret to everlasting life before he would run out and no longer be able to challenge him.

    • Near the end of the episode, a ring is seen on Vultureman's right hand which displays super powers and has an image of his face in the stone. It is unknown where the ring came from.

    • Goof: When Tygra was put in suspended animation by Vultureman, he was holding his bolo whip in his right hand. But when Panthro saw him on the screen in the ThunderTank, the whip was in his left hand.

  • Quotes

    • Vultureman: You fight well, Lion-O, but you have no defense against my Super Power Potion.
      Lion-O: No potion can make you less evil, Vultureman. And evil always loses out in the end.

    • Lion-O & Snarf: Vultureman!
      Vultureman: It's Super Vultureman, Thundercat. I've dealt with your feline friends, Panthro and Tygra. Now it's your turn!
      Snarf: Oh, yeah? You and whose army, beaky?

    • (After finding Tygra in suspended animation)
      Vultureman: Your technology is useless, Thundercat. Your friend will remain frozen until I release him.
      Panthro: Well, set him free, bird-brain.

    • Vultureman: I will smash the Thundercats. I will crush the other Mutants.
      Mumm-Ra: What do you want from me?
      Vultureman: The secret of everlasting life.

    • Mumm-Ra: I am most impressed, Vultureman. I had no idea you were so talented.
      Vultureman: I'm not here to listen to your flattery, Mumm-Ra.

    • Vultureman: I don't need Slithe, Monkian, or Jackalman. As for Mumm-Ra... I'll rattle that mummy's bones till he surrenders Third Earth to me!

  • Notes

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