Season 1 Episode 27

The Thunder-Cutter

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 29, 1985 on

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  • Eventful, yet kinda dissapointing.

    This episode brought forth the debut of the character Hachiman. All main characters were present in this episode ,except with the odd absence of Vultureman. The episode mostly focuses on Lion O.The other thundercats are barley seen or heard at all. In the beginning we get introduced to Hachiman and learn his motivation to defeat Lion O. You get the idea that Hachiman vs. Lion o will be a good conflict and anticipate the battle. You will probably feel disappointed when this doesn't occur. Instead we get a confrontation between a ninja and a samurai(Hachiman). It's an interesting rivalry between theses two, but the action or lack of, ruins the excitement. Lion O uses his sword in typical fashion, by simply looking through it. The tree top village ruled by Queen Willa is revealed, yet it doesn't impress the imagination. Once Lion O and Hachiman unite you expect to see them team up and fight evil side by side, never the less this does not happen. The end of the episode poses the same question as the beginning, which is, who would win a duel between the two. It gives us a ray of hope and hint that possibly they will meet again and we will have answer. If you enjoy samurai and ninja ( and who doesn’t) this episode is appealing. It still suffers from the same problems as other episodes, and that is a lack of action/ fight scenes. We never found out where the ninja vanished to. The name of the episode is a reference to Hachiman's sword of the same name and keeps with the theme of the show,but it doesn't really fit his style. The portrayal of his samurai character and code of conduct makes sense, yet it makes him seem too stubborn and ignorant. However, I like this character and think he makes a good ally to the thundercats. I want to see more of his origin and capabilities in the future episodes, and less of that stubborn personality. Also there should be more incorporation of the other thundercats in the plot.
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