Season 1 Episode 28

The Wolfrat

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 30, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Mumm-Ra refers to the potion as "the magic miniaturizing potion of Tutantiny". This further links Mumm-Ra with the ancient Egypt, since the name strongly reminds of Tutankhamen, an Egyptian Pharaoh.

    • Tygra informed Snarf that the effects of the gas that made him grow in size would wear off in a few days, yet it didn't appear that it would wear off on the other ThunderCats who used the same gas to get back to their normal size.

    • The antidote Mumm-Ra made to restore someone who had been miniaturized to normal size was a green vapor, but the one Tygra created was a blue vapor.

    • After the Wolfrat was defeated, they used its outer shell to disguise Snarf. Even though just Snarf was inside and none of the electronics, he was able to fire a laser beam with the Wolfrat's ears.

    • Vultureman built the Wolfrat robot.

  • Quotes

    • Cheetara: Now we're up to normal size. Let's cut those Mutants down to size.

    • Lion-O: We may be small, but if we stick together we can do it. Teamwork is everything.
      Panthro: United, we stand. Divided, we fall.
      Wilykat: All for one...
      Wilykit: And one for all!
      All: Thundercats! Ho!

    • (After the ThunderCats are shrunk)
      Cheetara: If we're going to develop an antidote, we need to analyze this stuff.
      Tygra: I just hope I can reach everything I need in the lab.
      Lion-O: We'd better move fast. We're sitting cats while we're this size.

    • (The super-sized Snarf tries to sit in a seat at the council table, breaks it and falls to the ground)
      Lion-O: We asked you to join us at the council table Snarf, but we didn't expect you to take the floor so soon!

    • (Panthro breathes in the miniaturization gas and shrinks to nine inches tall)
      Panthro: They say it's a small world, but this is crazy!

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