Season 3 Episode 1

ThunderCubs (1)

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Sep 05, 1988 on



  • Trivia

    • The Sword of Omens is supposed to warn Lion-O when another ThunderCat is in danger. But when the twins and Lynx-O were attacked, the sword did not warn him. Only Cheetara sensed something was wrong with the twins, then Lion-O used sight beyond sight to see the attack going on at the Tower of Omens.

    • Jaga inadvertantly caused the destruction of his home planet Thundera by casting the sword of Plun-Darr into molten lava on that planet. It was the sword trying to escape that caused Thundera to be destroyed.

  • Quotes

    • Luna: If Tug-Mug and Redeye can't deal with two kids and a blind old geezer, they shouldn't be called Lunataks.
      Vultureman: They're not just kids, they're Thunderkids!
      Luna: Enough, featherhead! Do it, Tug-Mug. And do it now!

    • (Believing the Tower of Omens has been left empty by the ThunderCats)
      Jackalman: Slithe will want to know what they're up to.
      Vultureman: Slithe! That rotten reptilian has had his day. Luna will pay well for this information.
      Jackalman: Luna? You're going to side with the Lunataks?!
      Vultureman: You bet, scavenger. I'm sick of always being on the losing side.
      Jackalman: You're a traitor, Vultureman! A traitor to mutantkind!
      Vultureman: Mutantkind has never done anything for me! From now on, I'm going to take care of myself!

    • Lion-O: No, Jaga, stay to help us. We need you.
      Jaga: I cannot help you directly, Lion-O, but think of me and I will always be there to guide you.

    • (After escaping a trap set by Mumm-Ra in his pyramid)
      Panthro: I owe you, Lion-O. And I owe you all an apology. I got us into that mess. I took off after Mumm-Ra like a terrier after a rat. Impulsively. Without thinking. I guess I just lost my temper.
      Lion-O: Forget it, Panthro.
      Snarf: We all do it sometimes, even us Snarfs.

    • Panthro: We're coming for you Mumm-Ra, you worthless bundle of bones.

    • Tygra: It sounds impossible, but it's almost as though Thundera is re-forming.
      Lion-O: That's exactly what Lynx-O said.
      Wilykat: Boy, that Lynx-O may be blind, but he sure is smart!
      Wilykit: Why shouldn't he be smart just because he's blind?
      Wilykat: Hey, I didn't mean it like that.
      Wilykit: Maybe you should be more careful what you say, Wilykat.

    • Mumm-Ra: It was the Sword of Plun-Darr that caused the calamity which brought those despicable ThunderCats to Third Earth. For, as it fought to escape its stone tomb, that sword destroyed Thundera.

    • Ratilla: You better finish me now, Jaga, because if you don't, I will surely return to destroy you and all Thundera. I will have my revenge.
      Jaga: The Code of Thundera does not permit me to finish you, Ratilla. You will spend the rest of your days in exile. And as for the sword of Plun-Darr, you will never see it again. I will seal it in the rocks of the deepest canyons of Thundera. Not even the sword of Plun-Darr will escape a tomb of molten rock. Ho!

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode the Sword of Plun-Darr was mentioned. It is a double bladed sword which the blades ignite with fire to warn of approaching danger and was in the possession of Ratilla when Jaga confiscated it from him on Thundera.

    • The Treasure of Thundera is first mentioned in the series. The treasure would become the basis for several later episodes. These involved searching for pieces of that treasure.

  • Allusions

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