Season 3 Episode 4

ThunderCubs (4)

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Sep 08, 1988 on



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    • (After starting up the Feliner)
      Young Cheetara: All set?
      Young Snarf: No! Wait! I'm not going.
      Young Snarfer: But you have to! We can't leave you here.
      Young Cheetara: There's nothing to be afraid of, Snarf.
      Young Panthro: We know what we're doing. I hope.
      Young Snarf: It's not that. I'm not frightened. At least, I am, but that's not stopping me. I just know I have to stay with Lion-O. Don't ask me why. Snarf, snarf. I just know it.
      Young Tygra: You can't stay, Snarf. Lion-O told us how we have to go to Third Earth.
      Young Snarf: I don't care. I'm not a ThunderCat. I don't have to do what he says. I'm a Snarf, and I'm going to stay.

    • (Attacking Cats' Lair)
      Alluro: You're all alone, ThunderCats. There is no one who can help you. Give up now. We won't harm you.
      Bengali: No! ThunderCats never give up!
      Wilykit: But he's right, Bengali. We don't stand a chance.
      Bengali: No! Don't give in to the fear! We have to fight back. Lion-O needs us more than ever!

    • Lion-O: This expedition to Thundera has been a disaster.
      Snarf: It's my fault Lion-O. Snarfer and I should never have run off on our own like we did.
      Lion-O: That's true, but I can understand why you did it. No, the real problem is that I've made all the wrong decisions. Maybe I shouldn't be Lord of the ThunderCats anymore.
      Jaga: You can't expect everything you do to be an instant success, Lion-O.
      Lion-O: Jaga!
      Jaga: The ThunderCats need you more than ever.
      Lion-O: But I've made so many mistakes.
      Jaga: Stick to it, Lion-O. Find the Book of Omens. Salvage what you can of the Treasure of Thundera.

  • Notes

    • The episodes that follow deal with the re-collecting of the Treasure of Thundera, after having been spilt all over Third Earth. Many of the episodes featured specific artifacts and their powers in detail.

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