Season 1 Episode 40

Tight Squeeze

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 15, 1985 on

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  • There are a couple of unexplained occurrences through out the episode, but all in all a nice rounded episode with action, and comedy. Pretty Entertaining.

    Most of the episode is pretty good. Entertaining. The scene with Vultureman is really funny, and well designed and written. although I'm not sure Vultureman would actually "destruct" all his precious equipment. Slythe and Jackalman then get help from Mumm-Ra. He sends an electro demon to weld the door to the Sword Chamber in Cats Lair shut. Leaving the Thundercats Weaponless as even Panthro is unable to cut through the door to retrieve their Weapons.

    The Thundercats then send Snarf through the ventilation ducts to retrieve the weaponry. He is followed by Jackalman. Meanwhile Panthro and Cheetara are captured, and locked up in Castle Plundarr no less. Somehow the Mutants take only a few moments to return to Cat's Lair to continue the fight with Lion-O.

    But then something very strange happens. We see Snarf get into the Sword Chamber, and wield the Sword, cut to outside of Cat's Lair where Lion-O fights Slythe and Monkian, and Suddenly Snarf is chasing Jackalman firing bolts from the Sword at him. No explanation as to how they got out.

    Snarf throws the Sword to Lion-O, which promptly proceeds to do the Thunder dance, and summon the as of now captured Thundercats in Castle Plundarr. As this is Happening, The Sword of Omens displays an as of yet unknown power. The Power to remotely un-weld welded doors. The welded door to the Sword Chamber glows and magically opens. Immediately afterwards, Panthro and Cheetara are seen walking down the steps to Cat's Lair with weapons in hand. How did they manage to get from Castle Plundarrr to Cat's Lair, go in for their weapons through the now unwelded door, and return outside to conclude the fight; all in a matter of seconds?

    Not a bad episode, but the writers seem to be getting sloppy with their time frames, and distances.

    In any case an enjoyable episode. Quite recommended despite its minor flaws.
  • Mumm-ra imprisons all of the weapons at Cat's Lair and sends the Mutants to destroy the Thundercats.

    Here is another well-written episode with lots of action.

    One exciting moment is when Jackalman is chasing Snarf through a ventilation shaft to the Sword's Chamber. Then, Snarf succeeds in getting the sword and chases Jackalman around firing bolts at him.

    There is another exciting fight scene at the beginning of the episode when the Mutants attack the Thundercats with a Thundranium cannon.

    The Thunderkittens and Tygra don't appear until the very end of the episode, when the land the Feliner. It isn't explained where they have been.

    One problem. When Lion-O summons the Thundercats with the Eye of Thundera, it doesn't take them long to get from Castle Plundarr to Cat's Lair. When they do arrive at the scene of the fight, they come down the steps of Cat's Lair with their weapons. It also didn't take the mutants very long to take Panthro and Cheetara to Castle Plundarr.

    Snarf stole the show in this episode.
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