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  • Season 1 Episode 63: Mumm-Rana

  • The Feliner can extend laser whiskers and go into a spin to attack another ship.

  • Mumm-Rana is the opposite of Mumm-Ra. Her powers rival his but where he is evil, she is good. Her pyramid is white as opposed to his pyramid being black.

  • Season 1 Episode 62: The Trouble with Thunderk...

  • Goof: After Slithe opens fire on Lion-O in Castle Plun-Darr, Lion-O yells "Ho!" which lengthens his sword. We see that the Eye of Thundera is open. But when it goes to a close-up shot of him, the Eye is closed.

  • Goof: It is dark and gloomy outside of Castle Plun-Darr as the ThunderKittens return with Lion-O and make their way inside. When they are suddenly ambushed by the Mutants, Lion-O jumps in front of Slithe. When it goes to a frontal shot of him, instead of being inside the castle, it shows him standing outside with grass, trees, and blue skies behind him. When it jumps back to the side view again, they are still in the castle.

  • Season 1 Episode 61: Lion-O's Anointment Final...

  • When Lion-O is anointed lord of the Thundercats he is wearing a red cape. Wilykit gives him his sword and claw shield back, then Cheetara puts a crown on his head.

  • When Lion-O is finally crowned, among those in the audience on the bridge to Cats Lair are Snarf and Snarfer, Mandora the Evil Chaser and Quick Pick, Willa, Nayda, and the Warrior Maidens, Dr. Dometone, Hachiman, the Unicorn Keepers and a unicorn, Safari Joe's robot, Snowmeow, a ninja, Molemen, Brutemen, Wollos, Berbils, and Trolligs.

  • When the episode opens, there is a crown and robe laying next to the Sword of Omens and Claw Shield in Cats Lair.

  • Maftet, the Lynx god, told Lion-O he could have been a Lion god. He then told Lion-O that the problem would then be that he too would be weak since Maftet had been weakened from a lack of worship.

  • At the end of the episode it appears that the ancient spirits of evil, living inside the statues in Mumm-Ra's pyramid, are responsible for bringing him back into his physical form. This is the first time Mumm-Ra has returned from prior disentigration.

  • Jaga makes two quick appearances in this episode. First Lion-O tells him he doesn't want his advice and that he needs to make his own decision. Then after he defeats Mumm-Ra, Jaga confirms he will always be there for him.

  • The path to Mumm-Ra's inner chamber is led to by the River of Doom which flows underground.

  • The Eye of Thundera demonstrates it knows when Lion-O is in danger, even when separated from him. At the beginning of the episode, it growled from Cats Lair. Panthro said that the sword was agitated in anticipation of Lion-O's trial against his most deadly enemy.

  • It is revealed that Mumm-Ra's life / stamina is linked to his sarcophagus. When it becomes damaged Mumm-Ra is weakened, and when destroyed Mumm-Ra turns to ash and is blown away.

  • Season 1 Episode 60: Eye of the Beholder

  • Even though the replica of the Sword of Omens supposedly had no power, it still growled when Mumm-Ra tried to summon the Eye and opened a mirror to shine his reflection back at him.

  • Season 1 Episode 59: The Superpower Potion

  • Snarf has responded to the Eye of Thundera in the past in the same way as the other Thundercats. But when Lion-O summoned the Eye and it woke Panthro and Tygra, it did not wake Snarf.

  • After Lion-O destroyed Vultureman's remaining potion, Vultureman said he would never be able to duplicate the potion. It is unknown why. Apparently he made enough that he believed he could convince Mumm-Ra to share with him the secret to everlasting life before he would run out and no longer be able to challenge him.

  • Near the end of the episode, a ring is seen on Vultureman's right hand which displays super powers and has an image of his face in the stone. It is unknown where the ring came from.

  • Goof: When Tygra was put in suspended animation by Vultureman, he was holding his bolo whip in his right hand. But when Panthro saw him on the screen in the ThunderTank, the whip was in his left hand.

  • Season 1 Episode 58: The Mountain

  • Lion-O showed true valor and honor in this episode. First when he finally got Jackalman off of him in the river, even though Jackalman was his enemy and deserved to be swept away by the river, Lion-O rescued him after he pled for help. After rescuing him, Jackalman showed his true colors once again by fighting Lion-O rather than swimming with him to safety. Then later despite that incident, when Jackalman was in danger again, Lion-O saved him once more knowing it could likely end up with them fighting once more.

  • If the landslide were realistic, there should be rocks scattered all over the ledge in front of the cave. However, the rocks are only piled up against the entrance to the cave.

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