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  • Season 1 Episode 47: The Mumm-Ra Berbil

  • Goof: Just before Lion-O summons the Thundercats with the sword and is trapped in a pink beam being shot at him from Mumm-Ra's hands, the Sword of Omens is already full size with the Eye of Thundera showing. Yet just before that moment and just after when he starts the call, the sword is properly small with the Eye closed.

  • Enslaved by Mumm-Ra, the Thundercats eyes glow red and are capable of shooting out a red laser beam from them.

  • Mumm-Ra enslaves the Thundercats with the help of metal bracelets like those used on Snarfer by Rataro in The Feliner, Part 1. All the Thundercats except for Lion-O wore one on their wrist and Snarf wore one on his tail.

  • Scenes from The Doomgaze and The Wolfrat appear in Mumm-Ra's cauldron when he talks to the Mutants about their failure at getting rid of the Thundercats.

  • Season 1 Episode 46: Lion-O's Anointment Third...

  • Lion-O flung rocks at Monkian which exploded into fire. Monkian called them "fire rocks" but apparantly they are not the same kind of fire rocks previously identified as Thundranium or they would have weakened Lion-O.

  • The Thunderkittens believed they had explored every inch of the Cave of Infinity. When they got lost they realized they had not. While exploring, they did not know the Under-Earthmen, which means they never saw where they lived.

  • Monsters which come out of the Thunderkittens capsules are filled with air and can be punctured.

  • None of the other Thundercats used their weapons on Lion-O during the Anointment, trials. However, the Thunderkittens did use their pellets, which are their weapons, against him.

  • When Lion-O's under water in the cave, he makes mention that the water is like putty and he can't breathe. However, since he's under water, he shouldn't be able to breathe anyway. In past episodes, Thundercats had to hold their breath under water or use breathing masks.

  • When the map of the maze is up on the screen in Cats Lair, you can see the outline of the Thundercat symbol in the middle of the maze.

  • At the beginning Lion-O set up a deception, a rock to resemble himself. At first glance, the rock clearly has Lion-O's markings, his hair and clothes on the back side making you think Lion-O carved the rock to match his appearance. But when the Mutants get close and hit it, there is clearly nothing about it that resembled Lion-O at all. He had not carved his image into it.

  • Season 1 Episode 45: Turmagar the Tuska

  • The need to have someone guarding Cats Lair has already been established in the show. However, this time when the battle took place far from Cats Lair and against a new enemy with no involvement by Mumm-Ra or the Mutants, all the Thundercats showed up to fight, leaving Cats Lair completely empty. With Mumm-Ra and the Mutants being back there, it would have been an easy target for them to attack.

  • When Panthro took off on the Gomplin, he was alone. But when he and the Gomplin showed up at the fight, he had the Thunderkittens with him.

  • Thunderkitten Lariat Powers: (First Use) They can extend in size to a great length.

  • Goof: After Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra get out of the ThunderTank to fight the Technopede, they put their hands together and shout, "Thundercats Ho!" When they initially put their hands together, Lion-O's hand is on bottom and Tygra's hand is on top, but when the view goes to a further away shot as they pull their hands away to shout, Lion-O's hand is suddenly on top.

  • Under water, the ThunderTank doesn't need to drive on the sea floor. It can swim through the water as well.

  • The ThunderTank is equipped with an alarm system which will activate allowing anyone in it to know the alarm system at Cats Lair has gone off. This enables any Thundercat away from the Lair to know if there's possible danger back home so they can return.

  • Season 1 Episode 44: Jackalman's Rebellion

  • The Thunderkittens mention they'd never forgive one of the other Thundercats if they went off on their own, yet later in Runaways they did exactly that.

  • This episode establishes that the Thundercats have surveillance video cameras set up inside Castle Plun-Darr to spy on the Mutants.

  • Season 1 Episode 43: The Rock Giant

  • After defeating the Rock Giant, Lion-O said to the others, "It's like a steam bath in here." However, he wasn't "in" anywhere. They were outside standing next to the moat.

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