Season 1 Episode 7

Trouble with Time

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Sep 17, 1985 on
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The Mutants decide they need a woman around "the house" to take care of their needs. Meanwhile the Thundercats stumble upon the Cave of Time.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Character First Appearance: The Warrior Maidens

    • Weapon First Use:
      Warrior Maidens - Smoke Arrows, Sleep Gas Arrows

    • Lion-O saved Willa from a Lizathon in their first encounter.

    • Goof: Due to the showing episodes out of production order, this appears to be a goof. Lion-O commented in this episode that Panthro never let him drive the ThunderTank. He then decided to take it out for a spin where he performed horribly nearly crashing it into a ravine. However, in the previous episode "Pumm-Ra," Panthro told Tygra that he was letting Lion-O take the ThunderTank out for the afternoon. When Tygra asked him if Lion-O could drive it, Panthro said he had taken to it like a fish to water.

    • Warrior Maidens Willa and Nayda are sisters.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Seeing the Winged Water Snakes)
      Lion-O: Ho!
      Panthro: Wait! We must think this thing through. The sword is mighty, but we have no time for a lengthy fight. Tygra's failing fast. Distract them, Lion-O. Cheetara, dizzy them.

    • Willa: There it is, the Cave of Time. Your friend has no chance of ever returning, I'm afraid.
      Cheetara: If I move fast enough, the cave won't affect me?
      Willa: It's not possible to move fast enough, I tell you!
      Panthro: You've never seen a cheetah move if you think that.

    • Nayda: He's one of the aliens, isn't he? One of those who came on the strange ship.
      Willa: Yes, a cat. Calls himself "Lion-O." I followed him from the lair they built.
      Nayda: What's he like?
      Willa: I'm not sure. Cats can't always be trusted.
      Nayda: We'll just keep an eye on him.
      Willa: Yes. Tell the others. Lion-O must be carefully watched.

    • Lion-O: At least tell me your name.
      Willa: It's Willa.
      Lion-O: Willa. Soft name for such a tough girl.

    • Snarf: You usually find stuff like Thundrillium in a mine or someplace. So be careful you don't fall down a mineshaft, Lion-O.
      Lion-O: Yes, Snarf, I'll make a point of it.
      Snarf: And stay out of traps.
      Lion-O: I will, Snarf! I promise.
      Snarf: He's not a bad boy, but he never listens!

    • (In his room in Cats' Lair, Panthro hears the ThunderTank outside)
      Panthro: Dang blast it! What's going on?! Who's driving my ThunderTank?! (Makes it outside and is nearly run over) By thunder! When I catch that tank-napper, I'll smash him into sonic smithereens! (jumps into the passenger seat of the ThunderTank)
      Lion-O: Oh, um, hi, Panthro. I was just bringing it back. It sort of got away from me for a moment there.

    • Jaga: Sometimes you can save time by waiting and finding out all there is to learn about a situation.

  • NOTES (1)


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