Season 1 Episode 45

Turmagar the Tuska

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 22, 1985 on

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  • Turmagar of the Tuskans recruits the Thundercats' help against a giant Technopede.

    Oh my God! What a terrible episode!

    So much unnecessary clutter and nothingness to this episode. Hey, do you know what would keep the kids interested? Let's have a mermaid in this episode. But, better yet, let's have the Thundercats face off with her for seven or eight minutes of the episode. That should keep their attention. And, hey, let's make that mermaid a vampire! That would be so cool! No, it wasn't.

    These walrus dudes are being attacked by a Technopede. So boring. They didn't even explain where the Technopede came from. The fact that the entire episode looked like it was drawn by an entirly different art team didn't help matters at all. This episode looked like it came from a different studio altogether. It was so off-the-wall! Yeah, the art may be pretty cool ... but the story still really really blows. This was so bottom of the barrel. This is not worthy of being a Thundercats episode. This should never be shown on television again ... EVER!

    Another thing that didn't make sense. Why did Panthro leave on the Gomplin alone and then arrive at the scene of the action with the Thunderkittens?

    The Tuskans were an interesting idea, and the idea of the Gomplin was neat. The Black Widow shark, which I have always liked, reappeared in this episode.

    And for any viewers that thought this episode was awesome and gave it a good or perfect rating ... why? How could anyone enjoy this? I think I gained a few pounds watching this? It was so full of sugar and saturated fats. Where's the nutrition: the fiber, the riboflavin, the muscadines. There wasn't even a moral. It was 24 minutes of blitzkrieg, over-the-top pointlessness. Why did Lion-O summon draw his sword and call the Thundercats when all the Thundercats were already at the scene of the fight? Saturated fats.

    If you doubt me, don't even watch the episode. I swear to you ... you will be so mad at yourself if you do.