Season 2 Episode 25

Vultureman's Revenge

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 10, 1986 on



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    • (After the ThunderKittens successfully destroy Vultureman's Thundranium machine.)
      Vultureman: You've broken my masterpiece. I'll get even with you for this ThunderKittens. No one messes with Vultureman!

    • (After falling into a deep cavern off their spaceboard)
      Wilykit: Wilykat, wake up! Tell me you're alright!
      Wilykat: Oh, ah! My leg! I don't think I can walk.
      Wilykit: I'm just glad we're alive.

    • Bengali: Time you took a hammering, Vultureman!

    • Chilla: Lower your sword, ThunderCat, or I'll frost your precious ThunderKittens.
      Lion-O: If I give in, you'll do it anyway. Ho!

    • (Believing the ThunderKittens are dead.)
      Snarf: That snake got what was coming to him, by Jaga, after what he did to the ThunderKittens, snarf, snarf. (sniffles)

    • Wilykit: What are you doing?! You don't have a pellet powerful enough to stop it!
      Wilykat: I can't run, but I'm not going down without a fight!

    • Vultureman: Who needs a team of Mutants when Vultureman swings into action?!

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