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ThunderCats Ho! (2)

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Lion-O wakes up from an awful nightmare he has been having about leaving Thundera. He remembers leaving some of his fellow Thunderians on Thundera because the ship could not stay any longer. Jaga appears to him and explains that they did not perish, and that they are on third earth. Anxious to find them, Lion-O asks Cheetara to use her psychic powers to find their location. Mumm-Ra, overhearing this news, send the Berserkers to capture the Thunderians, and bring them to him. He captures them, and has them sent to Fire Rock mountain (otherwise known to the thundercats as thundrainium). Weakened by the thundrainium, the thunderians are hopeless. Lion-O, unable to get past the thunrainium to save them uses the power of the star of thundera to cancel the effects of the thundrainium. Mumm-ra sends Grune to stop Jaga from getting the power of the star for Lion-O, but Grune fails. After giving the stars power to Lion-O, Mumm-Ra manages to steal it from him. Mumm-Ra, trying to possess the stars powers, instead gets destroyed by the stars power. Lion-O saves the thunderians, and anoints them as Thundercats. Bengali, the white tiger, Pumira, the female puma, and Lynxo the blind lynx.moreless
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