Season 3 Episode 11

Episode 11

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 2000 on Network Ten
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Episode 11

When the wormhole is activated, Noah and Drako are transported back to Earth. Meanwhile, Arushka, Kwan, Chip and Clio are captured by the E-Delta kids.

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    Mark Wickham

    Mark Wickham

    1st E-Delta Kid Passenger/3rd E-Delta AG Bike Rider

    Guest Star

    John Seedy

    John Seedy


    Guest Star

    Christopher Elliot

    Christopher Elliot


    Recurring Role

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      • Noah: So, what about the E-Delta soil samples, Dad?
        Simon: Bad news. I compared them with the ones that were taken from before the colony was even founded. The difference is amazing. 45 years, the mineral content has degraded to virtually nothing.
        Noah: So, what, terraforming?
        Simon: Out of the question. E-Delta soil is now incapable of supporting any life structure at all.
        Drako: That's just how it happened. You sent the colonists out to E-Delta, then you decided your brave new world was falling apart. And when you couldn't find an answer, you just pulled the plug on us.
        Noah: That's in the future. It hasn't happened yet.
        Liz: Neither has dinner. And unless I go and press a few buttons, it won't. You do eat, Drako?
        Drako: Earth food? Yeah, I'll try anything once.

      • Noah: You sit there.
        Drako: Very hospitable. But personally I prefer the bioplex.
        Noah: That's enough, Drako.
        Drako.: Very touchy. Well, then again, who can blame you? A failed mission, your friends left behind on E-Delta, and the Thunderstone.
        Simon: Hold your tongue!
        Drako: Your father speaks and they all fall silent. Well, I don't answer to you. I'll walk out of here anytime I feel like it.
        Noah: Oh, yeah? Where would you go, Drako?
        Drako: The authorities maybe. I might have one or two things to tell about you.
        Noah: The authorities, really? What, you the guy who raided the Horizon Foundation? You who wrecked the most valuable bit of hardware this society owned? Sure, Drako, I think I can guarantee you a five star welcome. Once they're finished with the big interrogation, they're gonna put you in a cozy four by four cell, lock the door and throw away the key. If that's what you want, be my guest.

      • Arushka: Look, Clio. We should never have got you mixed up in all this. I'm sorry.
        Clio: Don't be sorry. I'm with you guys 'cause I wanna be. I feel like one of you now.
        Arushka: Looks like you are whether you like it or not.
        Chip: Yeah, from now on, you're 100 percent Nomad.

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