Tickety Toc

Season 1 Episode 45

Balloon Time/News Time

Full Episode: Balloon Time/News Time


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Tommy and Tallulah are playing with balloons. When Tommy accidentally loses his balloon, the twins spot McCoggins preparing for a flight in his hot air balloon. McCoggins agrees to take them with him - but a well meaning Tommy unties the balloon before McCoggins can climb aboard. Soon Tommy and Tallulah are adrift in the Tickety sky! / Madame Au Lait is in need of a story for the Tickety Times. Tommy and Tallulah are given the job to find one - before Chime Time. Unfortunately nothing exciting is happening in Tickety Town at all. When Tommy and Tallulah are overheard imagining what a great story a circus coming to town would make world quickly spreads that a circus really IS coming! Tommy and Tallulah can't bring themselves to own up - so hurriedly arrange a makeshift circus.moreless
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