Tijuana Toads

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Tijuana Toads

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"Tijuana Toads" was DePatie-Freleng's fifth theatrical cartoon, which was released from August 6, 1969, through April 30, 1972, with total of 17 six and a half minutes cartoons. The series revolved around two toads, who is trying to live like toads, but was difficult because of location where they live (the title itself tells you where they live). Although they live in southern part of North America, they still manage to live like toads (catching flies, trying to escape from Crazylegs Crane, the cook, etc.), but in humorous way.

The series was also became a ticket for other DFE cartoons. In "Hop and Chop", the two toads started chasing around a Japanese Beetle, who later became a character in DFE's 6th theatrical series "The Blue Racer", and speaking of the fast blue snake, the Blue Racer also first appeared in TT in the episode "A Snake in the Gracias". Crazylegs Crane received his own series after appearing in several toads episodes.

The toads came back to TV in 1976 to be the part of "The Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour and a Half Show." Their only problem was that they thought these jokes were not PC and they were forced to re-title and re-dubb the toon to "Texas Toads" where the toads were renamed "Fatso" and "Banjo", and the settings were changed to Texas. Although there were no new episodes, they still created several new 30-second bridge played during the show. Although there were only 17 shorts, they still managed to become one of the top DFE cartoons.moreless

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