Tijuana Toads

Season 4 Episode 1

Frog Jog

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1972 on

Episode Recap

El Toro prepares to go out on a date with his girlfriend Flora and tells Pancho he has a girlfriend because he has what it takes. However, the date turns out to be disaster as el Toro accidentally tips over the canoe with Flora in it and a drenched Flora tells El Toro to go away and not see her again until he's lost weight.

Back home, El Toro bemoans about how he's going to lose weight. Pancho shows El Toro an ad in the newspaper for a gym set he could send away for and use to get in shape. El Toro orders the set and starts using the barbells as instructed. However, Pancho literally pulls the rug out from under El Toro by mistake and El Toro tumbles down a set of stairs as a result.

El Toro meets with Flora claiming he's lost weight and looks to ride on a two seat bike with her. However, El Toro's weight crushes the back end of the bike and Flora says he hasn't lost any weight at all.

El Toro tries jumping on a trampoline at home to lose weight but one hard jump sends him through the roof and into a nearby pond and soaks Flora in the process.

Pancho gets El Toro to try running on a giant jogging machine that resembles a turntable. When Pancho turns up the speed, El Toro is sent hurtling off it and slams into a nearby tree where he sees Pancho walking with Flora. Determined to get his girlfriend back, El Toro asks the show animator to reduce him and El Toro is drawn six inches high. Pancho and Flora mock El Toro's new height and El Toro wakes up at this point and realizes his shrinking was part of a dream. El Toro says he likes being fat though Pancho privately remarks that El Toro's fat is mostly in his head.