Saturday 6:00 AM on BBC Two Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Tikkabilla is a children's tv programme on BBC's Cbeebies channel; it's a decendant of Playskool and features the round, square and arched windows, several presenters (some good, some not so) and a loveable baby dragon called Tamba.

    Tikkabilla has several presenters which include Lorna, Simon, Justin, Sarah-Jane and Paul (all my son's favourites). The programme is set in the Tikkabilla house, the presenters sing, dance and interact with a baby dragon puppet called Tamba. Tamba is brilliant, she's has a sweet character and speaks beautifully (unlike four fat Cbeebies friends I could mention!). The songs in Tikkabilla are very catchy and, dependant upon the presenter, are very entertaining. I would recommend Tikkabilla as regular TV viewing for any toddler; my son has learnt alot from the programme with my assisted viewing, opposites, numbers, colours, and he's now starting on the alphabet (he's just 2!). Of all the programmes on Cbeebies Tikkabilla falls into one of my favourites.