'Til Death Do Us Part

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  • Season 1
    • A Christmas Murder
      A Christmas Murder
      Episode 13
      When a pair of happily married missionaries leave for a soul-saving trip to Africa, their relationship is as solid as their faith. But when one partner breaks the commandment of coveting a neighbor, the next broken rule will be "Thou Shalt Not Kill."
    • The Beauty Queen Murder
      When Stanley the Donut King wed MaryAnn the Beauty Queen, it looked like the sweetest marriage ever. But when his pastry business started interfering with the beauty pageants of her and their daughter, it would lead one of them to kill.
    • The In Law Murders
      The In Law Murders
      Episode 11
      When a man hits it off with his new bride's parents, they become an inseparable foursome. As the obsession deepens, one spouse’s mind starts drifting to murder. But does the bride want her parents back, or does her husband want them all to himself?
    • Murder Mystery Weekend
      When two amateur actors find that their love for each other is as intense as their love for the theater, the curtain rises on what seems to be a wonderful marriage. But when one spouse aspires to stardom, the final act will be murderous.
    • The Bog Murder
      The Bog Murder
      Episode 9
      When frequent flyer Marsha and flight attendant Paul soar into marriage with their heads in the clouds, they have no idea that there is turbulence ahead. When a shocking revelation clips the wings of their love, one of them is driven to murder.
    • The Pond Scum Murder
      When upscale Darin meets trailer park Sheila, their class differences are no match for their love. But when Darin decides to move up in the world and asks the reluctant Sheila to abandon her trashy behavior, their marriage is dissolved by murder.
    • The Clown Case
      The Clown Case
      Episode 7
      When a college student marries her math professor boyfriend, it looks like an equation for happiness. But after 10 years, a strange clown at the birthday party of the couple's child brings out the murderous tendencies in one of them.
    • The Strip Club Murder
      When Jim Hardfield, the owner of a Gentlemen's club, marries Candy, the venue's star attraction, the only singles onstage are the ones that customers have put in her G-string. But when a third party comes between them, jealousy leads to murder.
    • The Car Keys Murder
      When a football hero and his "trophy" bride finally tie the knot, their picture-perfect love is soured by adultery, and shattered dreams lead to homicidal rage. But when the bond of love is untied, whose neck will be caught in its noose?
    • Storage Unit Murder
      Any marriage that starts out with a pregnant bride vomiting all over the floral arrangements is bound to have some problems. So when the young bride gets frustrated by her husband’s lethargy and drug dealing, she catches the eye of the handsome gentleman who moderates her weekly book club. Needless to say, these developments get her husband off the couch, but what will be in store for him- or her?moreless
    • Time Capsule Murder
      After Ned and Janet follow their Vegas wedding with a winning streak at the casino, it appeared that their union is blessed. But when the gambling becomes an addiction, the couple's luck not only runs out, but leads one of them to murder.
    • Funeral Parlor Murder
      Debut episode (#2)
      When an extremely jealous husband who runs his own mortuary presses his wife to be his assistant, tensions rise. As much as she hates her sales job, she claims that the funeral business gives her the creeps. But what does she have reason to fear more- working with dead bodies, or becoming one herself at the hands of her husband? And if he doesn't let up, what is she capable of to preserve her freedom?moreless
    • The Airplane Murder
      Debut episode (#1)
      They say that a marriage takes work. Well, so does Blackmail. When a wife attempts to extort cash from her husband during divorce proceedings, what had been a bad relationship turns murderous. Placed against a backdrop of betrayal, wealth, private planes and illicit drugs, the viewer is forced to guess- who will be the killer, and who will be killed?moreless