Til Death

Season 4 Episode 8

Joy's Out of Work

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 31, 2010 on FOX

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  • Um.

    Til Death is just a shadow of what it once was. Sure, Doug is kind of funny, and occasionally Robert, er, Eddie (sorry, old habits) will say something funny, but this show is just a mess that would produce very few laughs if it were not for Desi Arnez and his idea: the laugh track.

    This was really, really dumb. Sure, other shows have had episodes where the cast goes to Hooter's, or a Hooter's like restaurant, but there is usually some reason for them to do so, not for absolutely no reason tonight.

    If you did not watch this, don't worry about it. You didn't miss much.
  • How can they stoop so low...

    This show, as every fan as realized by now, has been going downhill 2 seasons till now. Till Death used to be funny and dynamic, now it looks like a week old roadkill animal. after this episode I decided not to watch another frame of this piece of ****. I'd like to know who to blame for this mockery, so I could tell them to their face. But since that is impossible, I will just leave a warning to anyone who ever thinks of getting involved in the production of a sitcom: Know when to stop. If the so-called producers of this show had stopped at season 2, this would have been a brief, but excellent tv piece. RIP Till Death