Til Death

Season 2 Episode 11

Raisinette in the Sun

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 16, 2008 on FOX



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    • Joy: I can't believe you chickened out Kenny!
      Eddie: I didn't chicken out. What happened in that theater was very, very wrong. But you know what, quite frankly, I don't expect a white girl like you to understand.

    • Eddie: I'm telling you, Joy-joy, this is gonna work. You know what I want you to do? I want you to slap on some makeup, put on a bra, and I'm takin' my lady to the movies tonight.
      Joy: I'm wearing a bra. (looking annoyed)
      Eddie: Sorry?

    • Steph: It is such a shame you guys can't come to the new place.
      Jeff: Yeah, it really is incredible. The bathroom's fully automated. I don't have to touch anything except myself.

    • Joy: Worst date I ever had. That includes the time that I accidentally answered my uncle's personal ad.

    • Eddie: Yeah, you're right. I'm just worried about being offensive.
      Joy: Since when are you worried about being offensive? Last week, you said I look like Weird Al Yankovic from behind.
      Eddie: That man has beautiful hair and a tiny ass. So learn how to take a compliment!

    • Kenny: (to the manager) You know what, I think you might be right. It was bad service. 400 years of bad service! We are never coming in here again. Because this place is racist! Right, Eddie?
      Eddie: We out this bitch!

    • Eddie: Well, I'm pretty sure that my piss just turned on a flat screen TV. I tell ya', a world where my penis is a remote control is a world that I wanna live in.

    • Kenny: Hey, I'll order food. You go save some seats for us, OK?
      Eddie: No need to my friend. Our seats are reserved. You're in thirteen, I'm in fifteen.
      Kenny: Who's in fourteen?
      Eddie: Nobody. That's our "we're not gay" buffer seat.

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