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  • Leisure Downward Slope

    I loved seasons 1-2 like most fans of the show

    Season 3 was also great In my opinion especially since my favorite episode is in that same season. Although some things were mistakes on the show's part such The Woodcock's "disappearing" out of nowhere, or Alyson having suddenly changing hair color, face, in other words, changing the actress too much. These were the beginning of the shows mistakes but season 3 was good all around besides the mistakes.

    Season 4 was making the show's slope becoming more apparent. Kenny like the Woodcocks "disappeared" Doug and Alyson became co stars which kind of sucked because they have very few enjoyable moments, and some additions were miscellaneous. Moments such as adding a psycho principle or Whitey as a colleague is what I'm referring to.

    Above all, this season was a terrible close to show.

    Overall I'd say this show was great AT FIRST but last season badly destroyed the show's reputation for being an underrated comedic powerhouse
  • Ugh ugh ugh

    This is such a horrible show. It started out OK with the Woodcocks being the best thing about it. Seasons 3 and 4 just get more and more unbearable with each episode. Ugh. They dumped the Woodcocks, added Kenny to "black up" the show, then dumped him and added the annoying doctor/dean couple. Ugh. Plus the daughter gets played by 4 different actresses, each more intolerable than the last. Not to mention her idiot environmentalist boyfriend. Ugh. And then the psycho principal?? WTH?? I actually like the actress playing that character, but the story line just makes the Eddie character look more and more like an a$$. Then the show tries to get all political at the end of season 4. Spare me. Ugh ugh ugh.
  • A average sickcom

    This show is just a typical sickcom. Theres nothing really different about it, its predictable and a little funny but thats it. I'm not saying the show itself is great or bad, its just a sickcom. I have seen a couple of episodes, it makes me chuckle a couple of times but i don't laugh to the point where my sides hurt and i need to go to the hospital. I think Brad Garret is pretty cool and he gets his lines down. I don't really like the other guy though i think hes kind of a loser. Anyways i would watch this show if i was bored but thats about it
  • where the hell have i been?!?!?!?!

    this is one of the FUNNIEST sitcoms!! i've been watching for abt a month but it's only on in the wee hours where i live. now that i've been led to this site via google, i'm finding that it's been on for YEARS. i musta been under a ROCK. i need this show in my life...it actually makes me laugh out LOUD (lol)! characters / actors are phenominal with great chemistry. writers are off the chain!! :-D
  • YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What has happened to the show????I only watch this show for Brad and Joely who are doing a pretty good job of holding it all together, despite such ridiculous co stars. I really don't think I can bear to watch Timm Sharpe on screen again and Kathleen Perkins???!!! My friends and I groan when they appear in the series. Here's an idea could you change Kathleen for Jason Alexander? and could the daughter just be single......OR is it too late ??
  • Why was Season 4 not shown in order?

    I don't understand why Season 4 is out of order, I started watching them and thought I had done something wrong... We see one episode where Joy loses her job then for the next few episodes she is employed at the school then suddenly she is a Travel Agent again? We see them play a tennis match with Stephen and Simona in The Not-So-Perfect Couple then 4 episodes later, we see them meet for the first time!! I checked out the production codes and it looks like the hold over episodes from Season 3 production are mixed up with some production Season 2 and Season 4! Why?? If we have a story arc (or at least some key events like Doug & Ally getting married or even one of the 4 different actress playing Ally changing each week), surely we should have at least some consistency throughout the series to save the frustration of the viewers?
  • What has happened? Used to be so funny, AWFUL!

    They must have changed the script writers or something because this is awful!!!

    i refuse to watch anymore now, after the 1st episode of the new series i knew it had turned but I stuck with it.. no more..

    Note to the current script writers, watch series 1 and 2.. then try and re-create what once was.. used to be really funny, I watch them all over and over.. but the new series - no thanks! Garbage now :(

    I cant beleive you have had 3 different actresses for the daughter since the series began! 3?! come on.. thats pretty poor in itself, but the scripts, the jokes, cheesy and not funny..
  • Til Death is a superb comedy show!

    Til Death is surronding around the veteren married couple Eddie and Joy Stark (Brad Garret, Everybodylovesraymond), (Joely Fisher, Ellen). And the newly weds who move nextdoor Jeff Woodcock (Eddie Kaye Thomas, American Pie) and Steph (Kat Foster, Family Guy). In the Middle of the second season Kenny Westchester ( JB Smoove, Curb your enthiusm) as Eddie's big brother He is still in the show. Jeff and Steph were cut from the show for budget reasons, so kenny the main star other than Joy and Eddie. Til Death first aired in September 7, 2006 and is still running Til Death have offically made a fourth season. Till Death has their first and second seasons out on dvd. Til Death is a superb show I rate it 9.5
  • New episodes are AWFUL!

    My husband and I use to love this show and watched it faithfully every week. After seeing the new episodes, we may never watch it again. Maybe there are new writers, I don't know but I don't seeing it lasting after what I saw. There also was alot of racist undertones throughout the show. Last, what happended to the Woodcocks? They need to bring them back, the daughter and husband living in the back yard is not going to cut it, they are not funny and the new girl who plays the daughter is a terrible actress. Bring back the old Till Death!
  • Daughter Allison?

    Wow this show went to being funny to terrible. What is with the 4 different actors playing the daughter? I think there was 3 different ones in the same season? Can this show get any more confusing? To have that many actresses in one season is ridiculous. I am going to have a hard time to ever want to watch this show again. The laughs used to be half decent now they seem cheesy and just not even funny at all. Too bad they turned a show that was funny to a show that i doubt people will continue to watch.
  • Superb show!

    This comedy show is about a long married couple who fight with each other and with their annoying neighbours. Eddie Stark (Brad Garret) and wife Joy Stark (Joely Fisher) are sometimes fight with eachother and helping each other to get rid of their neighbours Jeff Woodcock (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and newly married wife Stephanie Woodcock (Kat Foster).
    Eddie makes a friend later in series Kenny Westchester (J.B. Smoove). This series first aired in September 7,2006 and is still on their third season and renewed a full 22 episode season for the fourth. This show is on Fox at 8:00. Show has pretty good rating and is a superb show in my opinion.
  • Awesome show dealing with funny martial issues....HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

    This show is wonderful. Very funny and deals with a lot of marital issues that everyone goes through. Totally awesome show. Love brad and joely together. I love it and i hope that this season is show in back to back episodes to gear up for the newly renewed fourth season. This show is one of the best half hour comedies out there and since i thibk the office is so bland and has no sense of humor what so ever. This show bribgs me back toi the good old days of really funny comedies. Til Death ROCKS The House!!!!
  • The Honeymooners without the laughs

    If I wanted to watch people fight I'll turn off the tv and listen to the neighbors. I watch the tube to be entertained not save Brad Garrett a trip to the therapist. How is watching a married couple in pain funny. It's a depressing version of Brad Garrett impersonating Jackie Gleason again. The neighbors are interesting but every time Brad Garrett comes on the screen I get the urge to drink heavily. Fox has so many other good shows why are they wasting our time over and over again with this? (they just keep bringing it back!). I'd rather eat glass or watch Old Christine (same thing).
  • Aye aye aye! What happened?

    The first two seasons were VERY FUNNY! Then towards the end of season 2 they brought in Kenny and it was still funny. But now in season 3 Jeff and Steph are gone! Big mistake!

    It's like take the cream out of the ice cream, like taking the cocoa out of the hot chocolate, like taking the caffeine and sugar out of the Mountain Dew. It's like taking the wind away from the windmill. This season they definitely took the fun out of funny leaving you with just ny which is sad to see because it used to be so much fun!
  • The Til Death is working out great as a good series like the old days ones very much.

    The Til Death is working out great as a good series like the old days ones very much.

    It have been my newer favorite show following The Big Bang Theory is also, i like as well in my favorites bunch of my Tv Shows.

    So, Til Death is mix of all kind of other tv sitcoms similar to their format layout like Married... with Children & The King of Queens & Everybody Love Raymond and Home Improvement and Boy Meets World.

    Here is Til Death's Cast/Characters:
    -Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark
    -Joely Fisher as Joy Stark -Eddie Kaye Thomas as Jeff Woodcock -Kat Foster as Steph Woodcock
  • Comedy show with Eddie & Joy Stark as the couple who have been married forever and the Woodcocks, their neighbors, who recently got married.

    This was a pretty good show last season but i havent been as impressed with it this season. The show centers around Eddie & Joy Stark, a couple who have been married since the beginning of time and their neighbors the Woodcocks who are recently married. Of course the star of the show is Brad Garrett (from Everybody Loves Raymond). He is the best thing about this show and one of the funniest guys ive ever seen, most definatly an under-rated actor.

    I found the Woodcocks to be a little annoying and not very funny. This show has potential though and i hope it lasts until next season!
  • This show has really grown on me. I've seen it quite a few times and have enjoyed each episode. I'm going to make it a point to see it every Wednesday.

    I've always liked Brad Garrett whether he's in a show I love (Seinfeld) or a show I can't get into so much (Everyone Loves Raymond). His participation got me into the show, but I was I was concerned that it was on Fox. That network has a long history of promoting news shows to death, and then dropping them after I start enjoying them (Oliver Beane, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Grounded for Life, Family Guy (yeah, it's back), My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Rebel Billionaire, and Quints.

    Anyway, Til' Death may not be ground-breaking, but it's not predictable either. It's clever, and is off to a good enough start that I'll keep watching.
  • Brad garrett is the bomb.

    Well i have to say that i love this series now,and i cant wait to get the second series when it get's released on dvd in the future.I watched Everybody loves Raymond a few times,but to be honest Ray Romano's character pissed me off.Thers just so many times that making your wives life hell can be funny.But the thing that annoyed me was the fact that i loved Raymonds brother in the series played by Brad Garrett.His sad druppy face and low voice just made everything he say's so funny.So when i seen Brad Garrett was the star of his own series i jumped at the chance to see it.And thank god i did.The cast is class,and everyone has there moments making the series even better.Theres also alot of small part characters which are brill as well.Til death is basically a series about Eddie & joy a couple that have been married for over 8000 day's,that end up becoming friends with Jeff & Steph Woodcock that have only been married for 12 days.So the series is basically them sharing tips on marriage,which most of the times ends up with someone moaning at someone else.If you have never seen Til Death before trust me give it a shot as it's awesome.
  • In Coming Soon...

    The Til Death is working out great as a good series like the old days ones very much.

    It have been my newer favorite show following The Big Bang Theory is also, i like as well in my favorites bunch of my Tv Shows.

    So, Til Death is mix of all kind of other tv sitcoms similar to their format layout like Married... with Children & The King of Queens & Everybody Love Raymond and Home Improvement and Boy Meets World.

    Here is Til Death's Cast/Characters:
    -Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark
    -Joely Fisher as Joy Stark -Eddie Kaye Thomas as Jeff Woodcock -Kat Foster as Steph Woodcock
  • Season 1 of this show is fabulous! Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond and Joely Fisher, play Eddie and Joy Stark. A middle class married couple who' one child is in College, the Starks have a grim and cynical view on life and marriage. Hysterical!

    Season 1 of this show is fabulous! Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond and Joely Fisher, play Eddie and Joy Stark. A middle class married couple who' one child is in College, the Starks have a grim and cynical view on life and marriage. Hysterical!

    Offsetting the Starks, are the Woodcocks, a newlywed young couple who's romantic sunny look on life and marriage rubs the starks the wrong way.

    Initially just very funny and stereotypical, the characters begin to find their own rythym and pace. Eddie the cynical giant, Joy, the woman who love him with all his faults,(cause she has her own just just as well), and the woodcocks go from just naive little bunnies you want to kill, to a very funny couple made up of an insecure male and his hottie, slightly airhead wife. (This is too simple a way explain the woodcocks but I'll go into it in the episodes themselves)

    If you've seen the human side of marriage, you'll see yourself in this. A gem of a show, this is the funniest sitcom on right now, except for Family Guy!
  • Brad Garret is one of the funniest men on television, watch him in his own sitcom about what lots of people can relate to... Marriage.

    This show was not my first bet in the begining as it aired. I personally like Brad Garret so i gave it a chance. I think it has made it a long way now. Just last week it was number seven on the Neilson rating report, it beat out Two and a Half men. This show is going up in veiwers hopefully they remain loyal. I watch this show every Wednesday. I would liek so see more people watching this show it is great. Can not wait till the next episode so i can laugh and laugh til' it hurts my stomach.
  • Not . . .really . . ., um what's the word? Good.

    I loved Brad Garret on ELR, but on Til Death- I don't believe him as the cynical, self absorbed husband he portrays, probably because of his previous role. Nothing about this show works. There are very few laughs, when they do happen-they're not that big. I watched to see if it works, but it doesn't. That newlywed couple are also very annoying-the hubby still reminds me of "American Pie" .
  • More married couples on tv!

    Til' Death is about these two marred couples, one a newly wed (Jeff and Kaye Thomas), and the others have been married for years(Eddie and Joy Stark). The older couple will sometimes give the newly weds marriage advice, even if the advice makes things worse. Eddie and Joy sometimes seem bored in their marriage, while they evny their new wed couples who do stuff in their wedding. The show is borring, and has nothing to look for.
  • It is about a married couple and a newly married couple the husbands both work at the same high school

    I was surprised to find that I actually found this show entertaining. I had watched Everybody loves Ramond and I found that show good for the first few seasons. I really was not expecting a lot from this show, it happened to be on when I was waiting for War at Home to start. After watching this show I relized that my high school was shown more thab once as an establishing shot.
  • Til Death needs a cancelation.

    When I first herd of this show I was like wow a Brad Garret show but it took me a couple episodes to realise this show is trying to aim at two very diffrent audience. The problem is Brad Gareets charcter and his wife are an older class which puts older lines who cares; but they have a new young next door nabor who is younger and puts in the young line for them, again who cares. The problem is with Til Death is the show also tries to hard to be funny that they dont, instead tell really bad jokes. The show is a faiure and needs cancelation.
  • This show is about as sharp as a sledge hammer

    So I see this new show advertised that is supposed to be this year's big comedy (about the fifth big comedy event advertised), I figure Brad Garret's in it, he's at the height of his career so he can afford to be picky, so it must be good. So there I am, sitting on the couch, the first 'joke' on the show the young couple spontaneously kissing with the subtitle "Married: 12 days", all of a sudden, there is an eruption of canned laughter and I'm sitting there thinking "What the hell was so funny about that?" It managed to tickle one or two giggles out of me but that was about it. The big comedy event of 2006 is just another stereotypical sitcom, no surprise this abomination spawned from Fox, the "geniuses" who cancelled Family Guy, and said it could come back if they cancelled an incredibly long list of shows, which incidentally, they ended up doing.
  • The recipe for a good show is there ... you can't get much better than Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher for well played comedy ... what a shame it turned out to be a complete recipe for disaster!

    I have really tried to like this show. I loved Brad Garrett in 'Raymond' and Joely Fisher in Wild Card - they are both well seasoned actors - indeed a joy to watch. But this ... is truly painful. But I don't blame the actors because they are true to form, professionals to the end - they just haven't been given the quality of writing they deserve. The content is too predictable and way too flimsy. Each funny line and there are too few to mention, is stretched out until it becomes boring. Take episode 5 - Death Sex - Man thinks he is dying (what man doesn't when he has a cold! but I digress!), wife feels guilty, man finds out he isn't dying, cons wife into more sex - well yes that is really hilarious! NOT!

    Sometimes, the kindest thing is to put an animal out of its misery - and this is one critter that so deserves the bullet! Because whilst this is still disgracing our screens, we are being deprived of Garrett and Fisher in better things!
  • Tries to be a satiric warts-and-all portrayal of marriage. Ends up just being warts.

    There's nothing like watching people blame something because they are themselves failures at it. Marriage must stink because your own marriage does. And it's only the other person's fault, right? Couldn't be two... Here, then, is the fallacy of personal bitterness writ large.

    Fresh off the close of 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' Brad Garrett plunges back into acting, as Eddie Stamm, the vituperative husband of the equally wacky Joy Stamm. A nice younger couple moves in next door to them. Various cosmic warnings ensue, as the Stamms make idiots of themselves over every possible minute issue, and scare the daylights out of the happy newlyweds. In reality, people like the Stamms wind up in therapy or the court system. And anybody happy has no business living within miles of them.
  • good but not great

    This is a pretty good show, but it is no where near great yet. It still not getting ratings that it desevers. the series wont last any where near as long as everybody loves raymond. Brad Garrett is not that great at taking a lead role like hes trying to do. They should show both couples the same amount of time. It seems that all the really good jokes come when there all together. Garrett was much better in everybody loves raymond and i think it might take a while to adjust to not being a guy who can only joke. A star part takes more than laughter...
  • Vaguely Funny Married with Children Rip Off

    I loved Married With Children and regularly watch all the seasons on DVD’s.
    So watching Til Death is like I’m transported back in time to a pilot every week of MWC.
    I say a pilot because to me they just haven’t got the actors right.

    The next door ‘nerd’ (Eddie Kaye Thomas) with a fit woman (Kat Foster)?
    There just seems to be something not gelling with the actors.

    I think it may be Brad Garrett voice. In my head I’m hearing Ed O’Neil’s voice and that can’t be good.

    Perhaps we need a new character like if Eddie and Joy’s son/daughter (all though no children have been mentioned) came home from college.

    Overall watchable….especially for Married With Children fans.
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