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  • Why was Season 4 not shown in order?

    I don't understand why Season 4 is out of order, I started watching them and thought I had done something wrong... We see one episode where Joy loses her job then for the next few episodes she is employed at the school then suddenly she is a Travel Agent again? We see them play a tennis match with Stephen and Simona in The Not-So-Perfect Couple then 4 episodes later, we see them meet for the first time!! I checked out the production codes and it looks like the hold over episodes from Season 3 production are mixed up with some production Season 2 and Season 4! Why?? If we have a story arc (or at least some key events like Doug & Ally getting married or even one of the 4 different actress playing Ally changing each week), surely we should have at least some consistency throughout the series to save the frustration of the viewers?