Season 1 Episode 8

Nobody Ever Listens

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2005 on ESPN

Episode Recap

Clark gets fired from his new job at the brokerage firm after the FBI tips off his boss about his shady past. Agent Kwan tails him to a bar and threatens to make his life even more difficult in revenge for ruining her case. Clark sees an opportunity to shake her off, and tells her he'll give up some guys that make his old business partners look like boy scouts if she agrees to leave him alone.

In Eddie's room, Dee tries to convince him to leave town with her. She's started to care for him, and tells him she has saved over $100,000 for them to run away with. But Eddie is still stung by the way she treated him after The Matador beat him down, and rejects her invitation. He tells her he doesn't want to play "house." He wants to play cards.

Lowball drops by Nickel's hotel room and tells him he's out of the game. He almost died when Skip tried to strangle him, and he decided it would be better to keep himself out of Nickel's plan for revenge. When Nickel asks how he's going to stay safe, he says he's going to improvise. But he seems to have a plan.

At the World Championship, Eddie, Miami and Clark are playing strong against The Matador's horses. They realize they'll probably have to play against each other at some point, and decide they'll play clean and not try to cheat. They share tactics against the horses, and realize The Matador won't be able to use his usual tricks under the scrutiny of the TV cameras.

Meanwhile, The Matador is in a game with champion Phil Hellmuth. The two have a long history with one another, and Hellmuth has consistently gotten the better of him in the World Championship. As Hellmuth bluffs The Matador with an inferior hand, it looks like this round will be going the same way.

On a break from the game, Skip tells The Matador that Nickel stopped him from Lowball. Later that night, The Matador tells Skip that it's probably best if he leaves town for a few days. He sets him up with a ski lodge in Lake Tahoe and tells him the trip is all taken care of.

Kwan meets with Clark, Miami and Eddie, and it's clear the bad guys Clark gave up are The Matador and his crew. A "family tree" of the key players is up on the whiteboard, but they're still running into ends. Then Miami remembers a funeral card they found in Seymour's safety deposit box with the name "Father Michael Robards" written on it. Kwan and Miami decide to pay him a visit at his church soup kitchen.

Robards tells them that he was friends with Seymour, and admits Seymour was his sponsor when he was in Gambler's Anonymous. He reveals that Daniel Kehoe is a man whose identity The Matador uses to launder money. Miami begs Robards to go on the record with this information.

Lowball approaches Molloy, and tells him he wants back into the Colorado. Molloy is stunned by Lowball's bold move until Lowball informs him that he has legal instruments in place that will be admissible as dying evidence should anything happen to him.

Eddie and Miami discuss whether or not they should team up, just like The Matador's horses have been doing to them. Eddie is determined to win on the up-and-up, meaning they still may have to play against each other at the table. As they talk, The Matador takes down Hellmuth with a perfect "all in" call.

The Matador meets up with Molloy, excited about his success at the table. He says he feels like he's 25 again because he's winning with no help from his horses. But Molloy takes the wind out of his sails by telling him he has to take care of some dirty work.

As Skip opens the door to the ski lodge in Lake Tahoe, he isn't greeted by The Matador's friend. It's The Matador himself. Skip takes off running, begging not to be shot. But The Matador doesn't listen, and instead "takes care" of Skip just as said he would do.