Season 1 Episode 2

Risk Tolerance

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2005 on ESPN

Episode Recap

It's another day in the , and Eddie is playing strong to build his bankroll. As he cuts down a table of boastful amateurs, he catches The Matador's attention from across the floor. Once he goes all in and takes the pot, The Matador approaches him. He sees Eddie as a slick young player that can help him, so he asks Eddie to enter a few games with him. Eddie agrees.

Meanwhile, several s are auditioning for a dancing job at a strip club. One of the s is tall and good-looking, but for mysterious reasons,

she isn't given a chance to try out.

As Eddie gets closer to The Matador, Nickel is still trying to figure out who runs the show. He learns that Seymour might have some information that could help him seek revenge for his brother's . He tracks Seymour to a diner, where he offers him money for his help. Seymour denies that he knows anything, but hints there are others in town who would be glad to assist.

Back in the , Eddie and The Matador approach a card table from separate directions. Before The Matador sits down, he's approached by the woman who was rejected at the strip club. It turns out she's The Matador's daughter, Dee. He bankrolls her with a stack of chips to keep her out of trouble, but before she leaves, Eddie catches her eye.

That evening, Dee discovers Eddie playing at a table full of high rollers. She asks him to join her for a drink, but he declines and gives her his room key instead. Later that night, Eddie is sitting alone in his apartment. Dee enters the room, and Eddie plays the hand he is dealt.