Tilt - Season 1

ESPN (ended 2005)


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  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Episode 9
    It's come down to the Final Table of the World Championships of Poker and only one player will be left standing. Which one, is yet to be determined, but the winner will certainly take all. As Matador's inner circle collapses, Nickel (Chris Bauer) and the FBI have their own plan in store for him. Has Matador's trail of terror come to an end or does he have one last ace up his sleeve?moreless
  • The Last Hand
    The Last Hand
    Episode 9
    In the season finale, The Matador is forced to surrender, and Eddie decides to leave for a well deserved vacation, somewhere far from Vegas.
  • Nobody Ever Listens
    Eddie, Clark and Miami pick off The Matador's cohorts to advance to the World Championships. Nickel continues to gather evidence against the Matador. When the FBI doesn't give up after Clark gives them the slip, The Matador has to stick to his word.
  • Shuffle Up and Deal
    The Matador must win a bracelet at the World Championship of in order to secure a minority stake in the Colorado. Eddie, Miami and Clark, meanwhile, begin to set a trap for the Matador.
  • Gentleman Jim
    Gentleman Jim
    Episode 6
    After their devastating loss, Clark, Miami and Eddie attempt to pick up the pieces. Nickel and Lowball conspire to take down the Matador.
  • Rivered
    Episode 5
    The Colorado is visited by a representative of the gaming commision that is intent on finding out whether cheating is really going on. Molloy tells Lowball to make this problem go away. Lowball agrees, but only if Molloy agrees to fire the Matador. Later, the game finally takes place, and Miami and Clark are doing great. They are just about to win, until an unexpected twist takes place.moreless
  • The Aftermath
    The Aftermath
    Episode 4
    After Seymour's death, there is speculation all over Vegas about what happened. Officials rule his death a suicide. While that is happening, Eddie and Clark go to his apartment to find where he hid the stash. Miami does not take the news of his death well at all. She bursts into the apartment and takes out a gun. Eddie and Clark take it away from her and tell her that is not the way Seymour would have wanted it. They decide they can wait no longer, they have to get in a game with The Matador now. When Nickel hears about the death, he immediately knows that it was not a suicide. He goes out and talks with people, trying to piece together what happened right before he died. He pretends to be a funeral director, so he goes to the coroner and takes pictures of Seymour's dead body. While talking with these people, he is able to learn that Tropical Henry was involved in the death somehow. Clark is approached by two of his former business partners, Dean and Shurgin. They want him to participate in a money laundering scheme, and at first he goes along, but then he decides it's not a risk he's willing to take. Everest approaches Lowball and warns him in no uncertain terms that he shouldn't try to force The Matador out. Nickel brings the evidence he has to police chief Carruthers, but the chief says that all of it is circumstantial. He also gives Nickel a thinly veiled threat that he should leave town.moreless
  • The Whale
    The Whale
    Episode 3
    A multi-million dollar player takes his money to a different casino. This forces Lowball and his crew to get creative and bring him back to the Colorado.
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Don "The Matador" Everest lures an old rival back to The Colorado for their annual poker dual, and insists that Eddie be at his side for the competition. As Everest takes down his nemesis with Eddie's help, Eddie gets an inside look at Matador's cheating ways. Meanwhile, Seymour is confronted face-to-face by Everest, causing him to warn the group that maybe their plans are too dangerous to carry out. Un-phased by the danger, Lee Nickel continues his plan to avenge his brother's death, threatening anyone who stands in his way, including Eddie.moreless
  • Risk Tolerance
    Risk Tolerance
    Episode 2
    The Matador sees Eddie's talent and recruits him for his team. Clark and Miami are worried that he's going to get sucked in to the side they're fighting. The Matador's daughter, Dee Everest, seduces Eddie.
  • The Game
    The Game
    Episode 1
    Eddie, Clark, and Miami are seated at the same card table. Eddie starts insulting Clark and it eventually turns into a physical fight. However, it was all for show. The trio is in Vegas to take the Matador down. The fight was a bluff just to make sure that the Matador doesn't realize they're a team if they ever get in a high stakes game with him. A sheriff from out of town, Lee Nickel, is looking for a no limit game to join. He finds himself seated at the same table as the Matador, who tries to get inside his head and eventually takes all of his money with a winning hand. Seymour Annisman, the mastermind behind the trio's plan, reprimands Eddie and Clark for being seen together. They can't give anything up to the Matador because he owns Vegas. Eddie and Clark attempt to build their bankrolls by playing in games out of town. The next day, Eddie returns to the and meets Tropical Henry, one of Matador's right-hand men. Henry tells Eddie that if he plays along, he may be able to get an influential backer. Eddie accepts the offer, seeing a chance to infiltrate the Matador's inner circle.moreless