Season 1 Episode 1

The Game

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2005 on ESPN



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    • Eddie: You know what it feels like. Everything's going your way. You can't make a wrong decision if you try. You bet pass, the shooter rolls a seven. You stand firm on 12, the dealer busts out with a face card. At the hold 'em table, you start every hand with big slick. And then... it happens. Your wife calls on the cell phone with a problem at home. The waitress spills a drink on you. Suddenly, the world shifts, anger overtakes you. Confusion, pain, you can't think straight. You call when you should raise, you bet when you should fold. You can't win for losing. It's what the house counts on, the pros too. You're off-balance. You're out of your right mind, and on tilt.

    • Lowball: People act like poker's a different game. It ain't. Same game it's always been, the zeros are different.

    • Clark: You can look as long as you like. I'm not giving anything up.
      Eddie: Oh, I'm not trying to put you on a hand. I'm just trying to figure out what color that sweat suit is.
      Clark: The man said it is aubergine.
      Eddie: Really? It looks like eggplant to me.

    • Matador: Only two things worth fighting for that I can think of.
      Lowball: Money?...
      Matador: ...and money.

    • Matador (about fight between Eddie and Clark): What's that about?
      Lowball: Some broad.
      Matador: Remember when you and I used to run around with our balls hanging out like that?

    • (About Don Everest)
      Seymour: If we're gonna beat him in a cash game you're gonna have to get out of the kiddie pool and start making some moves.
      Eddie: Kiddie pool? Come on, heads up right now old man. I'll take whatever you have on you.

    • Matador: Make it a thousand.
      Lee: Did you even look at your hand?
      Matador: Well, I didn't have to because I saw you look at yours.
      Lee - I fold.
      Matador: Very smart. That's one free lesson. The next one's gonna cost you.

    • Seymour: If I knew you were in Loughlin together, he (Matador) could know you were in Loughlin together. You can't be sitting in the same room friendly like that.
      Clark: Come on man. Look, we were all the way out of town, alright? It's a free country.
      Seymour: This ain't America, kid. This is Vegas.

    • Seymour: I'm sure you could take me down at the table, Eddie. If all things are even. But out here they never are. Double zero roulette, the house edge is 5.6%. Craps is .6% or worse. , your play is flawless, house edge is .8%.
      Miami: Yeah, but in you're not playing the house.
      Seymour: No?

    • Lee: Thank you, Mr. Rogers.
      Lowball: No, please. It's Bart or it's Lowball. Mr. Rogers...he wore funny sweaters.

    • Matador: A set of deuces is kind of like a mackerel in the sunlight. One minute it's real shiny, and the next it stinks.

    • Lowball: The guy (Lee) asked to see tapes, I blanked him. He's halfway back to Kansas by now.
      Matador: Iowa.
      Lowball: Whatever.
      Matador: I don't think he's going anywhere.
      Lowball: Really?
      Matador: He's as straight up as a stalk of corn. He's on a mission.

  • Notes

    • In the opening credits, Todd Williams' name appears on the ace of clubs. Don McManus is listed on the ace of hearts and Eddie Cibrian is listed on the ace of spades.

    • Music From This Episode:
      Pimp Dat: Performed by Northern League
      Floppy Shoes: Performed by Robert Ealr Keen
      Fluke: Performed by Fluke

    • Encore Airings: Jan 13 10:00pm, Jan 14 12:00am, Jan 14 03:30am, Jan 16 11 PM, Jan 19 07:30pm.

      -The original airing was pre-empted by 7 minutes due to the NC State/Duke basketball game on ESPN.

    • We learn that Nickel is a sheriff. He is looking to avenge his brother's (Wayne) loss. We also learn that Lowball is the one who banned Wayne, after he released his tape of the Matador's secrets.

  • Allusions

    • Seymour (to Eddie): You see the game like Spassky saw the board when he was young. You are the best natural card player since the kid, Unger.
      Seymour is talking about Boris Vasilievich Spassky, and Stu Unger. Spassky was born in Leningrad and learned to play chess at the age of five. At age 18 he won the World Junior Chess Championship held at Antwerp, Belgium, and became grandmaster. Spassky was considered an all-rounder on the chess board, and his "universal style" became a distinct advantage in beating many top Grandmasters. In 1972, he lost his title to Bobby Fischer.

      Stu Unger is widely considered as the greatest player of all-time. He had a genius IQ but wasted away his talent with . He died at the age of 45. Unger won 10 major No limit Hold'em tournaments out of the 30 he entered. An unprecedented strike ratio.

    • Clark (to Eddie): When this is all done I can't wait to go heads up with you like Creed and Rocky at the end of three.
      Clark is talking about Rocky III. In the 1982 movie, Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky Balboa and Carl Weathers plays Apollo Creed. When Rocky is defeated by a brutal challenger, Apollo Creed offers to retrain him in order to regain his fighting spirit.

    • Clark: I've had enough of this Maverick/Ice Man team for one day.
      Clark is talking about the 1986 movie, Top Gun. It stars Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell and Val Kilmer as Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazanski.