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From Tim and Eric, the creators of Adult Swim's Tom Goes To The Mayor, comes a bizarre comedy, which consists of sketches, fake commercials, prank phone calls, etc. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, features many guest stars, in addition to it's numerous appearances by the show's creators Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. It is mostly live-action, which is very unusual for a channel called "Cartoon Network". The unusual humor should appeal to viewers of the rest of the Adult Swim block that airs on Cartoon Network. The show started with a first season of 10 episodes. Soon after the season finale, it was announced that a second season had been ordered for 30 episodes. The season was advertised as seasons 2,3 and 4, all consisting of 10 episodes, but is actually one season.
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  • More like Tim & Eric Awful Show: Horrible Job

    What a horrible excuse for an Adult Swim show!
  • Most agonizing 5 minutes of my life

    Where to begin? I often think that Tim and Eric must have spiked the drink of whoever was dumb enough to hear their pitch with copious amounts of acid first, simply because nobody in their right mind would allow this "show" to be greenlit. The overusage of neon lighting and greenscreens is a clear indicator that these guys have never come up with an original idea. Their "movie" was atrocious, cheap, poorly written (do they even know how to write?) and relied on elaborate, bloody "comical" deaths. Hell, even the notoriously awful "Picnicface" had 1 good gag during their short run. Tim and Eric should be forced to take writing courses and acting classes, as well as be banned from going near any sort of camera.moreless
  • WTF Adult Swim!

    The humor is bland, childish and downright gross. This show sucks.
  • "Mediocre" is a Vast Overstatement

    You remember those weird kids from school, who smelled like boiled cabbage all the time and shouted random words or phrases at each other, then grinned condescendingly at everyone else like there was some gold-guilded inside joke about it? And you all knew there wasn't really a joke there - just a couple of smelly rejects trying to make everyone else jealous by making something, anything, up, deciding that any attention is better than none? Tim and Eric are those kids, grown up, stuck in that mentality, only they're five times as worthless because they're old enough to know better.

    TaEASGJ is a load of pretentious malarky, directed at wannabe-avant-garde losers who are doubly pathetic for pretending there's humor in it along with the creators. They pander to the new generation of smelly kids, while sneering down from their (decidedly low) pedestal at all the people who ever made them feel bad, being signed to their own show and making fecal paintings of nothing with the opportunity lolzcuztheycan.

    The fans. Oh, the fans. No, it's not that people "don't get it," or that "you either like it or you don't," or (predictably enough) you're "not smart enough to get it, and anyone who dislikes it is a stupid dummy, so neener neener!"

    It's a piece of shit. Period. You pretend to get it, you pretend to like it, so others will think you see something they don't when there's really nothing to see. The implication, itself, makes your unwarranted self-importance as transparent as Saran Wrap and twice as cheap. Knock it off, you're really not kidding anyone, not even yourselves. Call the rest of us dumb all you want, but the joke's on you: You've actually been duped into digging for a punchline that will never come, for 11 minutes a pop, and Tim and Eric are laughing their talentless asses off at you all the way to the bank. All the while, you continue to defend it and pretend it's funny, like you're special and have some third eye for "entertainment" the rest of us aren't quite special enough to possess. The reality of it is this: You're elitist snobs so desperate to be "in" somehow, you put your nuts in slow grinders like Tim and Eric waiting for someone to notice you, and when you don't get the reactions you want, you get pissed off and throw a fit. You start hurling obscure insults at people, which mirror your obscure "taste" in everything else, making your sad desire to stand out all the more obvious. Want to feel special? Do something productive. Kill your TV's and quit being such tools, or kill yourselves. It's win/win either way.

    It's a waste of airtime and money. Whoever sat on the panel that watched the pilot and gave it the green light needs to be fired, then executed by iron maiden. It doesn't even have to be in that order.

    If Bob Odenkirk hadn't made a terrible mistake in discovering these "artistes," they'd still be pissing their lives away in utter obscurity, pleading for YouTube hits, jerking it in San Diego. Since he did, however, they've taken the opportunity to condescend to [as] viewership by producing a never-funny shitpile with every episode - and increasingly, I get the impression [as] likes this kind of thing. Which is why [as] lost my viewership about three years ago. They condition early viewers with Family Guy and American Dad, trying to lure them into bland late night "comedy" experiments, and don't understand that most of us will continue to just change the channel or go to bed when FG and AD are over. Which is odd, and a non-sequitur of sorts in itself, since they have to know why it is they need to bait-and-switch people into watching this crap in the first place.

    Why would they ratings suicide like this, intentionally? Where do they get so much money to waste on talentless hacks, over and over again? How do they not realize, after five minutes of something like TaEASGJ, the fanbase is going to be miniscule - if not, non-existent - and therefore, an investment will net them more of a loss than a gain?

    Some people aren't good for anything in the world, and they end up in art school or something (think Hitler, only less funny), and then society is subjected to their "expressionism" at every turn. Tim and Eric are prime examples, two vapid, pointless, unfunny stooges who got lucky in the worst way imaginable. They can pretend there's some kind of Andy Kaufman-ish "point" or "moral" to what they do, but the overwhelming majority of viewers are not fooled - and therefore, they have zero right to be so blatantly patronizing, or to earn anything more than the death penalty for their painfully forgettable bullshit.

    Lastly, someone needs to be held accountable. Odenkirk gave them the leg-up they needed to infect television, but he's actually funny, so it doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's funny to him, to have inflicted this hell on us all? Tim and Eric, for continuing to have pulses, subjecting people to their brain droppings, and enabling "I swear I'm not a hipster but you don't get it because we're just smarter than you" hipsters everywhere to cock their noses up indignantly at all us "haters" (people who aren't blind). More than anyone, I blame the network. This should have been a cut-and-dry, resounding "hell no" from the second the pitch was over. Don't be so open-minded that your brain falls out.moreless
  • Great job? More like awful job!

    This show isn't even funny or awesome. It's so lame and boring. The song of bear trap was annoying! selab was better to watch. I do like new adult swim shows. But not this or Assy McGee.
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