Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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  • Tim and Eric dumb A** job

    There is no word that God has allowed man to create that strongly symbolizes how absolutely Terible this show is. I want to snap my wrist over the face of the creator of this show. I want to shove my foot so far up his a** that it goes into another dimension
  • it sucks so bad

    This show suckssss its ebola for your eyes
  • More like Tim & Eric Awful Show: Horrible Job

    What a horrible excuse for an Adult Swim show!
  • Most agonizing 5 minutes of my life

    Where to begin? I often think that Tim and Eric must have spiked the drink of whoever was dumb enough to hear their pitch with copious amounts of acid first, simply because nobody in their right mind would allow this "show" to be greenlit. The overusage of neon lighting and greenscreens is a clear indicator that these guys have never come up with an original idea. Their "movie" was atrocious, cheap, poorly written (do they even know how to write?) and relied on elaborate, bloody "comical" deaths. Hell, even the notoriously awful "Picnicface" had 1 good gag during their short run. Tim and Eric should be forced to take writing courses and acting classes, as well as be banned from going near any sort of camera.
  • WTF Adult Swim!

    The humor is bland, childish and downright gross. This show sucks.
  • "Mediocre" is a Vast Overstatement

    You remember those weird kids from school, who smelled like boiled cabbage all the time and shouted random words or phrases at each other, then grinned condescendingly at everyone else like there was some gold-guilded inside joke about it? And you all knew there wasn't really a joke there - just a couple of smelly rejects trying to make everyone else jealous by making something, anything, up, deciding that any attention is better than none? Tim and Eric are those kids, grown up, stuck in that mentality, only they're five times as worthless because they're old enough to know better.

    TaEASGJ is a load of pretentious malarky, directed at wannabe-avant-garde losers who are doubly pathetic for pretending there's humor in it along with the creators. They pander to the new generation of smelly kids, while sneering down from their (decidedly low) pedestal at all the people who ever made them feel bad, being signed to their own show and making fecal paintings of nothing with the opportunity lolzcuztheycan.

    The fans. Oh, the fans. No, it's not that people "don't get it," or that "you either like it or you don't," or (predictably enough) you're "not smart enough to get it, and anyone who dislikes it is a stupid dummy, so neener neener!"

    It's a piece of shit. Period. You pretend to get it, you pretend to like it, so others will think you see something they don't when there's really nothing to see. The implication, itself, makes your unwarranted self-importance as transparent as Saran Wrap and twice as cheap. Knock it off, you're really not kidding anyone, not even yourselves. Call the rest of us dumb all you want, but the joke's on you: You've actually been duped into digging for a punchline that will never come, for 11 minutes a pop, and Tim and Eric are laughing their talentless asses off at you all the way to the bank. All the while, you continue to defend it and pretend it's funny, like you're special and have some third eye for "entertainment" the rest of us aren't quite special enough to possess. The reality of it is this: You're elitist snobs so desperate to be "in" somehow, you put your nuts in slow grinders like Tim and Eric waiting for someone to notice you, and when you don't get the reactions you want, you get pissed off and throw a fit. You start hurling obscure insults at people, which mirror your obscure "taste" in everything else, making your sad desire to stand out all the more obvious. Want to feel special? Do something productive. Kill your TV's and quit being such tools, or kill yourselves. It's win/win either way.

    It's a waste of airtime and money. Whoever sat on the panel that watched the pilot and gave it the green light needs to be fired, then executed by iron maiden. It doesn't even have to be in that order.

    If Bob Odenkirk hadn't made a terrible mistake in discovering these "artistes," they'd still be pissing their lives away in utter obscurity, pleading for YouTube hits, jerking it in San Diego. Since he did, however, they've taken the opportunity to condescend to [as] viewership by producing a never-funny shitpile with every episode - and increasingly, I get the impression [as] likes this kind of thing. Which is why [as] lost my viewership about three years ago. They condition early viewers with Family Guy and American Dad, trying to lure them into bland late night "comedy" experiments, and don't understand that most of us will continue to just change the channel or go to bed when FG and AD are over. Which is odd, and a non-sequitur of sorts in itself, since they have to know why it is they need to bait-and-switch people into watching this crap in the first place.

    Why would they ratings suicide like this, intentionally? Where do they get so much money to waste on talentless hacks, over and over again? How do they not realize, after five minutes of something like TaEASGJ, the fanbase is going to be miniscule - if not, non-existent - and therefore, an investment will net them more of a loss than a gain?

    Some people aren't good for anything in the world, and they end up in art school or something (think Hitler, only less funny), and then society is subjected to their "expressionism" at every turn. Tim and Eric are prime examples, two vapid, pointless, unfunny stooges who got lucky in the worst way imaginable. They can pretend there's some kind of Andy Kaufman-ish "point" or "moral" to what they do, but the overwhelming majority of viewers are not fooled - and therefore, they have zero right to be so blatantly patronizing, or to earn anything more than the death penalty for their painfully forgettable bullshit.

    Lastly, someone needs to be held accountable. Odenkirk gave them the leg-up they needed to infect television, but he's actually funny, so it doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's funny to him, to have inflicted this hell on us all? Tim and Eric, for continuing to have pulses, subjecting people to their brain droppings, and enabling "I swear I'm not a hipster but you don't get it because we're just smarter than you" hipsters everywhere to cock their noses up indignantly at all us "haters" (people who aren't blind). More than anyone, I blame the network. This should have been a cut-and-dry, resounding "hell no" from the second the pitch was over. Don't be so open-minded that your brain falls out.
  • Great job? More like awful job!

    This show isn't even funny or awesome. It's so lame and boring. The song of bear trap was annoying! selab was better to watch. I do like new adult swim shows. But not this or Assy McGee.
  • tim and eric awesome show? three seasons and a movie later - no job

    this shows success is something of a mystery for me while i didn't really care for tom goes to the mayor it at least made me chuckle a few times. But,,after watching this show run its course it baffles me how do you make something so unfunny but label it was a comedy and have if be really successful while having a lot of negativity towards it. Don't get me wrong i hate this show and everything about it but something about it made me keep coming back. Final verdict did this show deserve 3 seasons?, no its comedy or lack there of makes no sense and if its trying to be ironic it still doesn't make sense i feel like its really trying to pander to people.

    oh and one last thing John C. Reilly why one earth are you in this?
  • Great Job!

    This show can be misunderstood.

    Tim and Eric's brand of humour will either latch on to you very strongly or leave you absolutely alienated.

    It's certainly not for everybody, but if your sense of humour tends to be out there like mine, you should find this show like a sanctuary, or perhaps even comforting!

    Sketches can be hit or miss, but the hits hit you hard!

    It can be an awesome show, but you gotta give it a chance first!

    For your health!

  • The correct title for this show should be Tim and Eric Atrocious Show, Terrible Job!

    Adult Swim continues to lower their standards with a show like Tim and Eric, Awesome Show Great Job! This show is neither awesome or great, it's horrible, and just very stupid. The show was created by the same guys who did Tom Goes to the Mayor and while it wasn't laugh out loud funny, it got some laughs out of me. So when I heard the creators were doing a new show, I thought I could give it a chance, but after seeing one episode, I could not believe what I saw and was too shocked to speak of how bad this show is, but now I have to say it, this show is HORRIBLE!! It is literally one of the worse attempts at comedy ever. All the show is about weird and random sketches that involve weird sound effects and zooming of the camera constantly to see the characters' faces. Is that even funny at all? Plus all the random humor is just executed terribly and I like random humor. Everything about T&E is horrible, the jokes are terrible ,the sketches are not interesting and make no sense, and it has no redeeming values to it. Please cancel this show Adult Swim and get more good shows like Sealab 2021 and The Brak Show on the air instead of this junk.
  • "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!" Why is this being aired?

    First off, it pained me to even type the title. And second of all, the show is brutally hard to watch. I'm a huge fan of shows like Ren & Stimpy, Robot Chicken, and other random humor shows. So I tried to get through 3 episodes of Tim and Eric. That's my minimum. And by the third episode,I was hoping that something would cancel the cable. Tim and Eric are untalented, uncreative, and painfully annoying. The show's sketches are so ridiculous and or disgusting, I feel like watching Jersey Shore instead. The true horror is that a lot of Adult Swim is becoming more like Tim and Eric. Stupid, not funny, and designed for the very stupid. The show is an abomination that shouldn't have made it through season one. Especially when we see shows like "Drawn Together", once a hit show on comedy central, only get 3 seasons when it's randomness was always topical and or part of a clever parody or analogy. But Tim and Eric continue to get renewed despite their stupidity and unfunny episodes. The show is horrible and should be canceled to allow actual artists and creative minds to bring us entertainment. Instead of two morons who have no artistic ability and no creativity who's only audience is the very stupid. Some may argue that it takes a certain sense of humor to "get the jokes" but there are no jokes. There are simply random occurrences and slapstick gone overboard. While slapstick can be very very funny, when a show is nothing but slapstick, it's no longer funny. Tim and Eric would be better as a cartoon. But they don't have the mental capacity for that. In short, the show is terrible and I'm ashamed I watched even one episode. My rating is 0
  • What did I just watch? I was too busy throwing up.

    I'm serious, is this show supposed to be funny or something, because it isn't! I don't get it one bit. I think the main characters are very stupid and should be fired. Another thing, who thought of a show like this?! Does anybody even watch it? I think this show has some really bad ratings! I'm not even making any sense because this show is so stupid. I don't think I've seen a show so repulsive and so stupid in my life. I can only give advice to people who are reading this. Do Not Watch This Piece Of Crap...
  • Great Job Tim and Eric, Awesome show!

    If I met them I would say that. Now I can see this show already has TONS of haters and I know why. First of all I am one of those people who likes random stupid funny stuff. Like Date move Epic Movie and Disaster Movie. Those were such great movies. And those movies believe me have more haters then any other thing in the world. I don't know why? Don't you guys have any sense of humor? I mean really you don't find some guy singing "This is what I do Sit on you." on your TV with a catchy tune? You guys should die in a fire somewhere with all the junk you watch. This show is just genius. Best random humor ever.
  • Well, it's the worst show I've ever seen.

    If you consider your sense of humor somewhat witty, don't watch this. If you are over 14, don't watch this. If you thought that "Tom goes to the mayor" show was humorless, don't watch this. If you use your brain when you think, don't watch this. If you think adult swim is only good when they play Futurama and a few other shows, don't watch this. If you think a couple dorks running around yelling in colorful costumes is hilarious, watch this! If you think you are special because you have "nerd pride," give it a try. But if you are an intelligent adult with a good sense of humor, you will just end up throwing things at your tv.
  • This show makes no sense what so ever. The two actors run around dressed in crappy costumes, doing weird and stupid stuff. Don't consider watching. If you want to destroy your brain, and laugh at the same time, [adult swim] has much better shows.

    Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! A show that is neither cohesive or understandable. This is one of those shows that when it is handed the pink slip, and given the boot, people cry out in delight around the world, because another crappy show has finally been taken off the air and will cease wasting 15 minutes. This is a show that not even a mentally retarded person would enjoy. Tom Goes to the Mayor sucked! And so does this piece of crap! I wouldn't even watch this show if it was the last thing on tv. And those of you that do watch it and like it, need to pick up a book that is 300+ pages long and has no pctures in it, and start reading. The people that created this show need to be taken out into the street and made an example of for all those out their that would dare consider wasting out time with worthless crap. Save your money, don't buy the digital versatile disc, and save your brain, soul, and time, don't watch the show when it comes on. These guys need to get out more, interact with society, and understand that people don't watch garbage. They watch shows that either have a moral, are really awesome action shows, have romance in them, or are family oriented.
  • atrocious

    this has to be the worst show i have ever watched in my life. It is complete stoner humor but I can't even see stoners liking this show to be truthful. It is just too random for me I guess. I hate tim and erics work in general and think it is totally uncreative but this show makes tom goes to the mayor look like comparison to Frasier. One thing about this show that stinks is that there is nothing to it. At least with skit shows like snl and matv, yes they're random but at least the skits are funny.
    tim and eric great job a waste of time
    tom goes to the mayor>tim and eric awesome show great job!
  • Words cannot express the fiery hatred I feel towards Tim and Eric Suckish Show, Bad Job!.

    I hate this show so much. It is the WORST show on [adult swim] and needs to be canceled forever with no chance of ever bringing it back. Check that, it's the second worse after Assy McGee. I don't hate Tim and Eric personally, but they really screwed up when they abandoned Tom Goes to the Mayor for this steaming hunk of donkey sh*t. I loved Tom Goes to the Mayor alot. Some of my funnest memories (back in summer 2006) involve that show. So, when I learned that Tim and Eric (who created and starred in Tom Goes to the Mayor) had abandoned it to work on a new show, I thought "maybe it'll be just as good, I mean how could anything made by the guys who created Tom Goes to the Mayor be bad?". Oh boy was I wrong. The first (and only) full episode I saw was the Abstinence episode where they have "No Sex Week". I was literally crying tears of rage at the sight of this. I have never been able to get through an entire episode of this show because I always end up changing the channel. I mean, what's so funny about two guys making bad jokes and annoying sounds for 15 minutes? I could write a 1000 page essay on the suckiness of this show, but I'm gonna wrap this up before I start rambling.
  • Watching this is like going through detox, only less funny.

    Horrible. Why is this show still on adult swim? Seriously. Do these guys own cartoon network or something cause otherwise I don't see how they got a show let alone kept it on the air. Please cancel this and fill it with anything. What bugs me is that the fans of this show tell everyone, "you just don't get it, the humor is so good that only those who understand comedy will get it." No no and no. I'm no comedian, but two guys standing in front of a camera making noises and drooling on themselves isn't comedy last time I checked. It's called a Discovery channel documentary on down-syndrome.
  • Maybe I just don't get it... but honestly...

    I decided that all shows I catch the beginning of I'll watch the whole epsiode to give it a chance. By my very poor luck I came across this show. I am a fan of very random or obscure humor, but with this show the humor just surpasses the funny realm and enters upon a whole entire different area of blatant stupidity. The episode I watched was talking about holes... yes, holes that are in the ground. It was talking about the different aspects of holes and how "amazing" holes really are. The only reason I can think of this show still being on the air is that there is a better show to watch afterwards.
  • Fast paced sketch comedy, but definitely not for everyone. Fans of The State and Mr. Show would do well to give it a shot and vice versa.

    Unlike most fans of the show, I didn't care for Tom Goes to the Mayor, but I've come to enjoy T&E. Yeah, it's wacky and random like most comedies on Adult Swim but this show realizes it. It never tries too hard nor try to be more than what it is. Slow spots are hard to come by as skits are rarely more than a minute or two long and hits you laugh after laugh. Guest stars like Weird Al, Zach Galifianakis, David Cross and regular John C. Reily really help give the show a little credibility and gravitas from the 'indie' comedy crowd; not to mention creative consultant/star Bob Odenkirk.

    I give it an 8 for a good, if stupid show that knows exactly what it is and executes it well.
  • A complete and total waste of time. (I would have given this show an outright ZERO, but the scale wouldn't let me.)

    This is a show that doesn't deserve to be aired in ANY country, especially if its taking time slots frpm shows that have actually plots,and storylines. Who has time to honestly watch two grown men babble like babies? Definitely something that seems like it was ripped of a public access channel just so AS wouldn't have to buy the rights to another anime. It is just one of several programs that AS shows and produces that make me realize that the whole block is going downhill very, very fast. And they couldn't renew the Venture Bros. for this crap? Give me a break...
  • basically a sketch comedy of random things

    ok this is by far one of the worst shows i have ever watch in the history of shows i've watched it's a cast of people just doing a bunch of sketch comedy about random things and it makes no sense. I gave it a chance and i came up disappointed with it because i found all it was was aketch comedy witch isn't that bad if it made sense at what they were doing but this show all it is is one random joke after another and becomes old really fast. I see people saying they like it but i don't know how someone can like a show where there is no structure to it at all. overall it was a complete waste of my time watching this show.
  • Unclassifiable. Absolutely bizarre, but addictive.

    This show is one of the strangest things that I have ever seen. I sometimes wonder why it is I like this show and why it is I DVR it each week. But it's just so bizarre, I can't help but watch it and marvel at the absolute strangeness that comes from the binds of Tim and Eric.

    The feature of all of the strange cable singers and personalities only adds to the weirdness and bizarreness that this show manages to bring each and every week.

    This show is certainly not for everyone. Heck, it's not even for most. But if you're looking for ridiculous quirkiness that makes absolutely no sense, then this is the show for you.

    If you're expecting cohesiveness and a show that doesn't have the possible ability to induce epileptic seizures (bright colors, and many flashing scenes), then I suggest you turn your television sets off.
  • two guys just doing random things

    horrible not funny even a bit just stupid stuff Tim and Erick arnt funny what I want to know is how did they get a show if they can get one then anybody should be able to get there own show what was adult swim thinking I turned the show on once to see how it was and what I saw were to guys dancing around wearing make up and telling everybody how they pee and that they want to kiss there sister just plain stupid I did hear that they get celebritys to guest star on the show occasionally but I cant think of anybody that would want to
  • They get rid of good shows for this?

    I will be quick.
    This show is just awful, the plot, the characters, everything. About two idiots that do random things. They should cross out the awesome show and great job part of the main title.
    I mean come on, how did these people even get a show?
    How did it even get a 7.5 average?
    This is one of the reason not to watch Adult Swim and they wonder why in their bumps their main viewers comes from Family Guy, venture bros, boondocks, squidbilles, death note and a whole lotta other good shows that need to replace this sack of s*** really.
    1.0 that's all
  • What is this?!!!!

    I'm serious, is this show supposed to be funny or something, because it isn't! I don't get it one bit. I think the main characters are very stupid and should be fired. Another thing, who thought of a show like this?! Does anybody even watch it? I think this show has some really bad ratings! I'm not even making any sense because this show is so stupid. I don't think I've seen a show so repulsive and so stupid in my life. I can only give advice to people who are reading this. Do Not Watch This Piece Of Crap...

  • Why the hell does this crap stay on TV?

    I mean, god damn it, its the absolute worst show on television right now. Horribly written, horribly acted, all around horrible. On ANY other network, it'd have been cancelled and Tim and Eric would have been thrown out on their asses and never be allowed to write, create, or direct again.

    What is it with Adult Swim putting on absolutely crappy comedy shows now adays? I mean, Tim and Eric, Drinky Crow, Family Guy, Squidbillies, Xavier Renegade Angel...all are crap. They cancel quality Anime for this? They lose Futurama for that? Whoever runs Adult Swim has to be brought outside and be shot in the back of the head, execution style...
  • Seriously, I tried my best to enjoy it, but really, it's impossible, nothing about this show is good.

    With Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken, along with other decent shows, adult swim seems pretty good. But this show is anything but good. I have patience, I've watched this show long enough to understand it, but what I don't understand is how did it even get on TV. I'm all for comedy and nonsensical things that happen in a show, but if your not laughing at it and nothing amuses you, why even watch it? To see if it gets better, in which this show doesn't do, it gets worse.

    The jokes are very dumb to a point where you just want to ask: "Is that even funny, because if that's funny, then I must be an idiot(like Tim and Eric) to actually think it's hilarious". I wanted to laugh, believe me, I tried my hardest, but it just doesn't work, this show basically shows Tim and Eric doing really, really stupid stuff to get you to laugh but your wondering "I am wasting my time staring at 2 fools who don't even know what comedy is, they're embarrassing themselves to entertain me but it's just not working, this show sucks big time".

    Hello, there's a difference between comedy and stupidity, and this show is full of stupidity and has zero comedy. Give up you 2, the world would be better if you have never made this show in the first place.

    Notice that I haven't said anything positive about the show. Why, because it's torture to watch this crap. When I'm reviewing a show that has nothing good about it, you know it's not even worth watching. If you want to watch this show even after this review, go ahead, you might like it, but if you think you don't want to watch it, then please, don't watch it, you'll thank me later. This show is in my top 5 worst shows ever, and I'm not kidding, it's that bad.

    This is the worst show I have ever seen in my life, period.
  • "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" is something you will either lover or hate.

    Unfortunantely for me, I hate the it. You will be able to tell by watching the first episode of the show what your opinion of this show will be. Each episode is filled with the same nonsense and poop jokes. Normally I would be able to get some enjoyment just from making fun of a show or making up my own lines but, this show just makes me want to slam my head against the wall. If you enjoy watching this show, you should like "Tom Goes to the Mayor" also written by Tim and Eric.
  • Great Job guys!

    If you're a fan of adult swim, then you're probably going to be entertained by the dumb, stoner comedy of Tim and Eric. Very confusing and disjointed, it actually comes out to be pretty funny. I would recommend anyone who is interested to watch an episode first. After watching one, you're probably going to have a good idea of whether this show is for you or not. But as a fan of Tim and Eric's old show, Tom Goes to the Mayor, I really enjoyed this show as well. I mean, it's basically the same kind of jokes, except wackier and virtually no story in sight. :)
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