Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

Thursday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Sep 06, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Nothing new.

    This show is basically a rip off of What Not To Wear. Im suprised this show isnt being sued by WNTW producers. Basically you have ordinary people wearing bad clothes - usually the same ones they wore in highschool and college while binge drinking. The only cool thing about this show is the guys name - Tim GUNN - ever since I saw Moses GUNN's name on the credits of the movie FIRESTARTER back in the early 80s, I said to myself "Damn, thats the coolest name Ive heard of." Maybe Tim GUNN should be head of the NRA? That would be cool. This show just isnt.
  • Almost there. Tim Gunn is kind and creative and informative. The show feels a little long. Veronica has got to go! but she adds nothing to the conversation and looks a little crazy from her surgery.

    I'd like to see a little more info on common mistakes women make with clothes, hair, etc. and more hair options for each style (what if you have NO time and your hair looks crazy - how can I update my ponytail - can I wear a headband in a flattering way?)

    I'd like to see slightly more realistic clothing for a stay-at-home mom and those of us who don't want to iron or dry clean clothing a lot. Button-down shirts are great, but not always practical.

    Also, who on earth run errands in a spaghetti-strap dress and pumps? Sorry, we may have been "slobified" but we still need easy and comfortable. Veronica is a zombie. For a show that instructs women on self-improvement, Veronica is no example. She's just a clothes hanger.

    I want two interesting, dynamic hosts who have some chemistry with each other. No models - who can connect with that? Couldn't they find someone like a younger Meredith Vieira someone who has an actual life and job?

    Finally, how about some rules to end the show - do's and dont's with photos?
  • "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style: Episode 3- summary and comments

    Having enjoyed some of the Project Runway shows, I tuned in to see Episode 3 of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style which focused on 29 year old mother of two, Nicole, whose mostly one dimensional closet consisted of a plethora of T-shirts and Capri pants. Tim Gunn to the rescue! Tim is effete, and elegant with a dash of ruthless humor tempered by enough compassion to soothe even the most desperate of housewives.

    Tim selects a clothes rail for the clothes that are keepers and a bucket each for give-away and throw-away. Now the fun begins with a raid on Nicole's closet, the highlight of which is a visit by Veronica Webb to Nicole's underwear drawer. The purpose of this visit is to root out "dead" bras and panties, which Nicole has carefully arranged by color, each piece of which she actually irons! No wonder Nicole has no time for a pedicure! By the end of this exercise, there is virtually nothing left and it is time for a shopping foray into the maze of Macy's armed with Tim's checklist of the 10 essential items needed for every woman's closet. This shopping trip turns out to be a nerve racking experience for Nicole, who is already confused and overwhelmed, even though they bring in her sister for moral support. The solution is a visit to Tim's office where Nicole's measurements are programmed into a computer which then produces a paper doll like figure of Nicole on which different clothes can be tested to see whether they are flattering or not. Laura from Project Runway arrives for moral support and to coach the teary Nicole into putting herself first without guilt. Laura puts a jacket on Nicole into which she deposits weights with little tags on them that list all the reasons that Nicole cannot put herself first. The jacket is heavy, point made, tears from Nicole. A jar is produced to hold more slips of paper on which are written all the things Nicole would like to experience when she gets over the guilt of giving to herself. When Nicole is ready for a treat she can retrieve a slip and go for that massage. A Dr. Phil moment!

    Then the Kleenex moment arrives - a videotaped message of Nicole's son Jacob with a message to Mom of how much he loves her and wants her to take time to treat herself as well as she treats the rest of the family. I usually only tear up during Oprah!

    Next up a visit to designer Douglas Hannant, to whom Tim announces "you are an antidote to a fashion emergency!" This visit will improve Nicole's self image with a truly stunning special occasion dress. Of course, Nicole finds the perfect dress, which is then gifted to her, bringing on still more tears. A make-up session sponsored by Maybelline and a new haircut and highlights, and Nicole is ready for a champagne fashion show- and- tell for friends and family. Lots of oohs and aahs, more tears, gifting of a Movado watch and another dress made especially for Nicole by Laura.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show. You may have noticed, I only mentioned Veronica Webb once, which is about the only time I noticed her. She contributed almost nothing to the show and made virtually no impression. I would like to see someone really dynamic as co-host, even if, in fact, there is one actually needed. Tim does a great job on his own, and may be all he needs is a series of competent guest co-hosts likeTwiggy or Sarah Jessica Parker to add that extra spark. I will be tuned in for the next episode!
  • I am learning so much from this show...I LOVE HIM!! I wish I can get his help for an event that I have to go to in Nov. but that is a dream that will never happen, so I just have to get as much information from this FABULOUS show.

    This show is fabulous...I am learning so much from Tim Gunn...I LOVE HIM!! I wish I can get his help for an event that I have to go to in Nov., but that is a dream that will never happen, so I just have to get as much information from this FABULOUS show. I enjoy Rebecca too. I love the fact that underwear makes the biggest difference on your wardrobe. I am definitely going to try to find a professional bra fitter. But Yuma, AZ is NOT a fashion haven...so I have to get busy on the internet. Thank You Tim for this show
  • America is oppressed by blue jeans, t-shirts and flip flops and we all look like a bunch of post- modern peasants.

    Being a 30- something whose fashion sense was shaped by the 80's and locked down in the 90's, shows like this provide serious fashion therapy. Sure... this show is like "What Not to Wear" but I feel Tim Gunn takes it a step further.

    Tim Gunn and his stylish, dare I say, sidekick Veronica Webb is doing us a service by educating us on style. The show is a gem for those of us who feel lost and drowned by their personal fashion rut. My personal favorite is the 10 core items list. That is something that everyone can take and use in everyday life. The life stylist was a bit over- the - top but his mantra is a gem; "I can not control how I am perceived but I can control how I am presented". As an aside, he should have also added that controlling how you are presented aides in how you are perceived.

    It was a treat to see Catherine Malandrino in the pilot episode. I recognize the dress that Rebecca chose as her final dress as the same dress that Sun wore in episode Episode 3x18, D.O.C. of Lost. Rebecca is a lucky woman to have that dress in her closet.

    I would like to see Veronica Webb have more of an opinion. I want to see her expertise at something. I want to see her be more than just a sidekick. If Tim keeps giving out more jewels like the 10 core items list then this show will be interesting, uplifting AND educational.
  • style and shoes

    Tim... I love your style, love the outfits you put together but every show with high heels.

    What would YOU do about a woman that MUST wear ugly orthopedic shoes. The first pair I bought I sat and cried in the store. and the second and the third. Now I am just grateful to be able to walk. But .. they are no doubt UGLY shoes.