Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

Thursday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Sep 06, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • America is oppressed by blue jeans, t-shirts and flip flops and we all look like a bunch of post- modern peasants.

    Being a 30- something whose fashion sense was shaped by the 80's and locked down in the 90's, shows like this provide serious fashion therapy. Sure... this show is like "What Not to Wear" but I feel Tim Gunn takes it a step further.

    Tim Gunn and his stylish, dare I say, sidekick Veronica Webb is doing us a service by educating us on style. The show is a gem for those of us who feel lost and drowned by their personal fashion rut. My personal favorite is the 10 core items list. That is something that everyone can take and use in everyday life. The life stylist was a bit over- the - top but his mantra is a gem; "I can not control how I am perceived but I can control how I am presented". As an aside, he should have also added that controlling how you are presented aides in how you are perceived.

    It was a treat to see Catherine Malandrino in the pilot episode. I recognize the dress that Rebecca chose as her final dress as the same dress that Sun wore in episode Episode 3x18, D.O.C. of Lost. Rebecca is a lucky woman to have that dress in her closet.

    I would like to see Veronica Webb have more of an opinion. I want to see her expertise at something. I want to see her be more than just a sidekick. If Tim keeps giving out more jewels like the 10 core items list then this show will be interesting, uplifting AND educational.
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