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Thursday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Sep 06, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style: Episode 3- summary and comments

    Having enjoyed some of the Project Runway shows, I tuned in to see Episode 3 of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style which focused on 29 year old mother of two, Nicole, whose mostly one dimensional closet consisted of a plethora of T-shirts and Capri pants. Tim Gunn to the rescue! Tim is effete, and elegant with a dash of ruthless humor tempered by enough compassion to soothe even the most desperate of housewives.

    Tim selects a clothes rail for the clothes that are keepers and a bucket each for give-away and throw-away. Now the fun begins with a raid on Nicole's closet, the highlight of which is a visit by Veronica Webb to Nicole's underwear drawer. The purpose of this visit is to root out "dead" bras and panties, which Nicole has carefully arranged by color, each piece of which she actually irons! No wonder Nicole has no time for a pedicure! By the end of this exercise, there is virtually nothing left and it is time for a shopping foray into the maze of Macy's armed with Tim's checklist of the 10 essential items needed for every woman's closet. This shopping trip turns out to be a nerve racking experience for Nicole, who is already confused and overwhelmed, even though they bring in her sister for moral support. The solution is a visit to Tim's office where Nicole's measurements are programmed into a computer which then produces a paper doll like figure of Nicole on which different clothes can be tested to see whether they are flattering or not. Laura from Project Runway arrives for moral support and to coach the teary Nicole into putting herself first without guilt. Laura puts a jacket on Nicole into which she deposits weights with little tags on them that list all the reasons that Nicole cannot put herself first. The jacket is heavy, point made, tears from Nicole. A jar is produced to hold more slips of paper on which are written all the things Nicole would like to experience when she gets over the guilt of giving to herself. When Nicole is ready for a treat she can retrieve a slip and go for that massage. A Dr. Phil moment!

    Then the Kleenex moment arrives - a videotaped message of Nicole's son Jacob with a message to Mom of how much he loves her and wants her to take time to treat herself as well as she treats the rest of the family. I usually only tear up during Oprah!

    Next up a visit to designer Douglas Hannant, to whom Tim announces "you are an antidote to a fashion emergency!" This visit will improve Nicole's self image with a truly stunning special occasion dress. Of course, Nicole finds the perfect dress, which is then gifted to her, bringing on still more tears. A make-up session sponsored by Maybelline and a new haircut and highlights, and Nicole is ready for a champagne fashion show- and- tell for friends and family. Lots of oohs and aahs, more tears, gifting of a Movado watch and another dress made especially for Nicole by Laura.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show. You may have noticed, I only mentioned Veronica Webb once, which is about the only time I noticed her. She contributed almost nothing to the show and made virtually no impression. I would like to see someone really dynamic as co-host, even if, in fact, there is one actually needed. Tim does a great job on his own, and may be all he needs is a series of competent guest co-hosts likeTwiggy or Sarah Jessica Parker to add that extra spark. I will be tuned in for the next episode!