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Time Express

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This show can best be summed up as a "Fantasy Island" on rails. In it, certain ordinary people are specially chosen to take a trip on a very unusual train, one that is a "Time Express" to some time in their past where they have an opportunity to alter something important in their lives.
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  • Only a memory.

    This show is often mistaken for Supertrain, which was based upon Love Boat while this show was based more on Fantasy Island. The train only really appeared as a bookend to the segments. The premise was that the train was a means to travel back in time and give people a second chance to change the past. But the segments themselves took place outside the train.

    Even though the show starred Vincent Price playing a similar role to what Ricardo Montalban did as Rouke, Price would only appear at the beginning and end of segments whereas Rouke appeared throughout the show, often appearing as part of the guest's fantasies. Price was more of a host in the vein of the hosts on radio dramas. It's the lack of Price's appearance in the segments that tended to put viewers off.

    Because it did so poorly it never had any repeats or releases. Only those who watched the show when it aired are likely to have ever seen it. Although there are no VHS or DVD releases of it, it's possible it could someday get a DVD release because of Price's appearance in the show but because it's so poorly remembered there's unlikely to be enough demand for it. But aside from the Price segments the show was forgettable.moreless
  • Lost to the mist of time...

    Time Express was a VERY short-lived fantasy series that only ran for 4 weeks in 1979 on CBS.

    Vincent Price & his real-life wife Coral Browne were the main protagonists on the series that gave ordinary people the chance to go back in time on a magical train ride to be given the opportunity to change a certain moment in their lives, hopefully for the better.

    Quite understandably, this show didn't garner a huge following just like the more popular ABC fantasy series Fantasy Island, due to the fact that Time Express wasn't as romance-inclined & that the series had a supernatural feel to it, in fact had taken a more light-hearted approach to fantasy just like NBC's Amazing Stories (1985-87), it might have been worth watching.moreless