Time Gentlemen Please

Sky1 (ended 2002)



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Time Gentlemen Please

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  • A great show in the worst possible taste

    The has got to be one of my favourite UK sitcoms.

    This exceptionally funny show was commissioned by Sky TV around 2000. Al Murray, originally a standup comedian, became famous for his bigoted character “The Governor” which he toured with as a standup show. Sky transferred this character into his own sitcom co written by Richard Herring. The show didn’t do particularly well even though it had 3 seasons. It did however have a small and dedicated fan base.

    There were a few classic episodes that i could watch over and over. Certainly a contender for top ten funniest UK sitcoms.moreless
  • It's all in the worst possible taste.

    Al Murray's Pub Landlord(Guv'nor) got his own sitcom on Sky One. Guv'nor was as embittered politically incorrect type who ran a seedy pub frequented by misfits who wouldn't be welcome anywhere else. His staff consisted of dimwit Steve & motormouth Janet(Austaralians, bred for bar work) who left after the 1st series, her replacement was the insipid student Connie. Regular visitors included Rebecca Front as the aloof brewery rep Victoria Jackson(Ms Jackson, you cow) & ex-Eastender Marc Bannerman surprisingly good as the obnoxious landlord from the rival pub(the queen of hearts). Not quality but a good knockabout comedy with some good laughs nevertherless.moreless
  • Very funny british comedy.

    I think this was a great show.

    Wasn't too fond of the mass amount of fart-jokes that was Terry, but this is definetly one of my favourite comedies. The types of humour both barmaids bring to the show was good, the arrogance and sarcasm from Janet, then the student problems from Connie. I think they made Steve a bit too dumb though. Al was just great, the way he completely contradicts half of the stuff he says.


    Not the best comedy, but definetly one of my favouritesmoreless
  • Not the best sitcom ever by a long shot, but almost certainly the most politically incorrect in recent memory.

    A refreshingly original and innovative sitcom, "Time Gentlemen Please" is without a doubt one of the most politically incorrect comedy of recent years. It's not top of the comedy crop and has suffered somewhat by being buried away on Sky TV, however there are still laughs to be had.

    The programme also suffered due to the extensive run (as Sky wished to sell it to the American market): the weaknesses in some characters showed during series two; these would have more than likely been ironed out between series if the show had taken the more standard length British sitcom format of 6 episodes per series.moreless