Time of Your Life

FOX (ended 2000)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Time He Saved the Day
      Sarah and her father talk about their relationship. Sarah is kind of disappointed at her father for being just an ordinary guy (a rude man, divorced 3 times). JB is sentenced to 3 months of jail. Romy lands an important role. Sarah finds out by her father that her mom abandoned her, and that her mom left him without ever telling where she went. Broke, Sarah decides to go back to San Francisco, until Maguire gives her his savings and decides to go on a tour playing his guitar. She accepts his money, stays in NY and saves the company. Maguire and Sarah kiss and he leaves. Sarah stays in NY with her father.moreless
    • The Time They Broke the Law
      Spencer asks Sarah for all his money back. Sarah is being sued by a client, and all this situation lets her in deep debts. JB finds a last client for his business, but turns out he's a cop and arrests JB. The officer tells JB he had lived in Sarah's apartment 20 years ago. The officer starts asking questions about Sarah to her friends until he finds out her last name is indeed Merrin - like him. He interrogates Sarah and confesses knowing her mom. He tells her he's her father.moreless
    • The Time They Got Busy
      Sarah's Temp business is really taking off and she, Romy and Cecelia are looking for more temp employees. Spencer thinks he is being supportive but when he hires a consultant to meet with her, without her prior consent, Sarah blows her top. JB is thrilled with how much money he is making in his investment business with Danny, Joss' boyfriend, and doesn't see that the whole thing could be a scheme. He becomes suspicious, however, when someone, possibly a cop, starts asking a lot of questions. Romy and JB's mother hit it off, much to JB's relief; and, business problems are not the only ones that Sarah and Spencer have - they are also fighting about what happens, or doesn't happen, in the bedroom.moreless
    • The Time They Got Busy (UNAIRED)
    • The Time They Found a Solution (UNAIRED)
    • The Time They Found a Solution
      In an attempt to impress her first client, Sarah turns the record store into an office for her new business, Temporary Sanity, with the help of Maguire and Spencer. When Maguire's boss finds out, he is fired. Sarah feels very guilty about Maguire losing his job, but he is not as concerned - Sarah doesn't understand his reaction until she realizes that he was motivated by the fact that he is in love with her. Romy begins rehearsing with assistant director, Aaron. After he opens up to her about his life and the fact that he is HIV positive, Romy sees that she needs to make some changes in her own life, and she starts be being less inhibited in her feelings toward JB. Danny, Joss' new wealthy investor boyfriend, tells Joss that he is going to Aruba on business and invites her along. Joss initially turns down the offer but then reconsiders. It is all a mute point, however, when at the last minute Danny's trip is "canceled."moreless
    • The Time She Made a Temporary Decision
      Spencer's business launch is jeopardized when Leya learns of his spending time with Sarah. Meanwhile, Romy gets some devestating news during her first rehearsal.
    • The Time They Cheated
      Spencer finally finds out what Sarah's role is in his e-mails with Leya. Meanwhile, Romy fires her agent because she's not getting work, which then prompts Sarah to set her sights on singing.
    • The Time They Were Scared of the City
      Maguire decides he must take care of worried Sarah and Spencer offers her a distraction. Meanwhile, J.B. tries to get Romy to return and Andy discovers that having sex with Cecelia is like an adventure.
    • The Time Everything Changed
      Molly decides to jump in when Romy can't join Sarah to audition for a jingle-singing gig, which they win. However, soon after a tragedy keeps them from doing their job.
    • The Time They Got E-Rotic
      An online romance develops between Sarah and Spencer.
    • The Time She Turned 21
      Sarah has difficulty in her au pair job and doesn't want a 21st birthday party; Cecelia gets a receptionist job with a dentist, while J.B. and Maguire decide to become party D.J.'s.
    • The Time They Decide to Date
      A contest to see who can have the first meaningful dating experience leads Joss, Romy and Sarah to all kinds of men.
    • The Time the Millenium Approached
      On New Year's Eve, Maguire is robbed, Joss is fired and Sarah gets booted by Romy and J.B. stumbles into a dream date for the event.
    • The Time They Had Not
      Sarah gets a job working for a personal shopper; Joss's problematic sister makes an unannounced visit; Cecelia gets a stern health warning and J.B. crosses a line with Romy, who finally meets Joan.
    • 11/29/99
      Sarah learns a dark part of Maguire's past after the arrival of his former best friend. Meanwhile, Romy wants to know why J.B.lacks intimacy toward her.
    • Sarah hits a low note in her singing plans and quickly finds herself hosting Thanksgiving for a Maguire, aspiring suitors Spencer and Tony and a former opera conductor.
    • 11/15/99
      Sarah is offered a singing career by a well-connected man who is interested in more than just music. While, J.B. is unavailable to celebrate Romy's new job, a role on a soap opera.
    • 11/8/99
      Romy and Sarah decide to throw a singles party for profit, but Sarah gets word from Bailey and this causes her to do something outrageous. Meanwhile, Maguire gets jealous when a musician pal hits on Joss.
    • Sarah is hired as personal assistant to a matron with a secret; Maguire expresses feelings for Sarah and Romy and J.B. have their first date.
    • 10/25/99
      Sarah Merrin decides to go to New York City in search of her biological father and quickly finds out more than she bargained for.