Time of Your Life

Season 1 Episode 3

The Time They Threw That Party

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

Sarah needs money to go to San Francisco and see Bailey, and Romy has just been fired. So they decide to throw a party to raise money at 20 bucks a head. In the middle of the party, Sarah finds a letter from Bailey telling her that he can't have a long-distance relationship. J.B. finds her drunk on the stairway, and asks her if she wants to go out and get more liquor with him. They go to a tattoo parlor and she gets a 'Go Yankees' tattoo, and when Spencer shows up in the party, she asks him to take her to his apartment. She goes to his place and start undressing, when she realizes what she's doing and runs away. Joss and Maguire are hanging out in a club with some guys in a band he knows. They all go to the party. Kenny is hitting on Joss, and Maguire tries to warn Joss not to go out with him, but she thinks he's just jealous. She gets into the singer's limo, and he tries to have sex with her in the limo. She opens the door and jumps out, scraping herself up on the street. When she goes to Maguire's to get the spare key, since she left her purse in the limo, she has to face Maguire's "I told you so". Women surround J.B., but he tells Romy that despite he sleeps with women all the time, it's more special when you're waiting for the right moment with someone you really like. Cecelia meets an orthodontist at the party when she's choking and he saves her life.