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Time Squad

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Welcome to the Time Squad guide at TV.com. Time Squad is one of Cartoon Network's original animated series and is part of the collection known as Cartoon Cartoons. First Telecast: June 8, 2001 Last Telecast: November 26, 2003. We start every episode in a satellite that orbits the earth in the year 100 million. Buff time cop, Buck Tuddrussel; cranky, yet sophisticated robot, the Larry 3000; and 8-year-old orphan boy, Otto Osworth; three of the most unlikely characters to become a trio join together in that satellite to go on whatever mission through history they get, to make sure everything happens the right way, while making it through mishaps on the satellite in between missions. They go though it all: from Eli Whitney's flesh eating robots to the accidental downgrade of Larry, but they're always ready for the sudden blaze of the History Instability Alarm and they'll do anything to "enforce the past to protect the future". Characters Buck Tuddrussel- Tuddrussel is the main time cop of the squad, and not a very good one at that. He's known to not be very bright, and always seems to think that violence is the answer to everything. He often has to be pointed in the right direction by his partner robot, Larry, and his kidnapped (adopted) accomplice, Otto. And he doesn't know anything about history! When he's not on a mission, he enjoys practicing his sharp shooting, reading his laser magazines, and weight lifting. The Larry 3000- Tuddrussel's partner. Larry is the one who operates the ins and outs of the Time Squad satellite and hates every moment of it. He often has to stop Tuddrussel from doing anything stupid, which is often. He'd gladly work for Tuddrussel if he weren't such a barbaric idiot. He was originally designed to assist kings and diplomats, but due to becoming "obsolete" his purpose was reassigned to Time Squad and got stuck with with Tuddrussel. When he's not on a mission, he enjoys golfing, knitting, and any other civilized hobby--you name it! He doesn't know anything about history either! Otto Osworth- An orphaned boy genius who talked Tuddrussel and Larry into abducting him from his abusive orphanage in the 21st century, using the fact that he knew so much about history and could easily talk to people. Otto works hard, and plays hard to work with the Time Squad to fix the one thing he cared about the most while growing up in the orphanage, history! Very clever, and always trying to do what's right, Otto is constantly trying to work out problems for both historical figures and his strange "guardians" have created for themselves. Whenever they get a mission he's always there to tell what the person from history's famous for. He's also there when Tuddrussel and/or Larry do something he knows is wrong! When he's not on a mission, he enjoys playing with what ever toy, game, or puzzle based on famous people or moments in history he can get his hands on.

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

The Lawrence "Larry" 3000

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Beauregard "Officer Buck" Tuddrussel

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Otto Osworth

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  • Great show!

    Time Squad is a classic. Great work, CN!
  • Best CN show ever!

    That's all I can say about this show that was also part of my childhood.
  • This show sadly was very, very weird. It was about 3 going into time and correcting historical errors from those who "somehow"erroredof theirhistoricallyways. Uh, what?

    Personally, I found the whole plot kinda silly and ridicoulous.

    Not to mention it felt like a ripoff of Sherman and Peabody.

    I mean, they also basically fixed historical errors to be honest, so it's not thatoriginal.

    But to be honest, the whole idea of fixing history unless there's a good explanation why that makes sense seems really stupid and unnecessary.

    Seriously, why would historical figures all of a sudden not follow history, especially since it's called, "History?"


    Ironically though, the best episode IMO were the ones that had nothing to do with fixing history.

    It was the ones that involved personal conflicts between Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000

    I mean, I thought it was hilarious when the Larry-3000 and Tuddrussel basically drew a line in their base, only to end up on each other's side. XD

    And then the one where the Larry-3000's programming go a muck and ends up being Tuddrussel's slave in terms of giving him burger after burger after burger.

    I'm sorry, but that is just too funny.

    Why in the world weren't there more episodes like this?

    Fixing historical timelines that had no basis to go off track in the fix place seems just a silly and stupid idea.

    So yea, the show was bad, but it wasn't horrible I'll admit.

    And to be honest, I would have loved to have seen aspin offof Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000 basically having to live in a tiny aparment, trying to keep from driving each other nuts.

    Now that would have worth watching.moreless
  • A show ahead of its time, Time Squad appeals to everyone with its funny humor, parodies of historical characters, and wacky stories

    Time Squad was one of those shows that was ahead of its time but it never lived to its full extent. The story is about a cop named Tuddrussel, his robot, Larry, and an orphan they picked up in the 21st century who is also a history whiz named Otto. All three of them together must go back in time and correct any mistakes in the past that famous historical people did. Tuddrussel comes off as the funniest character with him always thinking of violence as the answer and never thinking at all, and watching him fight with Larry is humorous as well. Larry is the more serious of the gang but when he fights Tuddrussel, that's where his humor soars. Otto is usually the most serious but he can be funny from time to time. The stories themselves are very funny to watch, especially the parodies of the historical people. Abraham Lincoln is a criminal, Edgar Allen Poe is a happy person, and Julius Caesar is a fat slob who is destroying Rome. It's just funny to see famous people be the oposite of who they were and each episode will always guarantee you plenty of laughs. The artwork and animation look really good for its time and hasn't aged at all, it still looks fantastic. Time Squad was a great show while it lasted, but it was ahead of its time and got the boot too soon. Hopefully CN or another kids network will pick it up and make new episodes, they didn't even scratch the number of famous people and the parodies they could have done with them. Check this show out of you can, it is worth your time (no pun intended).moreless
  • This was my third favorite series of all of the Cartoon Cartoons.

    Behind Courage the Cowardly Dog and the Powerpuff girls this was my favorite Cartoon Cartoon. by the way, Johnny Bravo takes fourth place. Anyway, Time Squad was simply amazing. It took history and the future and mixed them nicely together in a wacky cartoon way. I actually learned alot from this series, no lie. It was so cool to see people from history in cartoon form. Please, if you have not seen this series then I highly recomend that you see it. Unfortunately I do not know where to find it besides a website called toonamiaftermath.com. This is a cartoon network classic and is extremely underrated!moreless

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