Time Squad

Season 1 Episode 8

Big Al's Big Secret / Larry Upgrade

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 25, 2001 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In "Big Al's Big Secret": 1) Those two red buttons(?) on Larry's chest disappeared after Big Al slaps him in the backside. 2) After the car exploded, Tuddrussel, Larry, and Otto were covered head-to-toe with black soot. When Larry asks Big Al if he knows about Einstein, most of the soot had disappeared

  • Quotes

    • (Otto comes back inside after The agruement pushing an astroid)
      Otto: Look what I found! It's a moon rock!
      Tuddruzle: (Still grumpy) yeah yeah that's great
      (Larry walks in, His head steaming because of the downgrade)
      Tuddruzle: Oh look! If it isn't the old ball & Chain!
      Larry:(monotone) Geetings master tuddruzle...How may I serve you?
      Tuddruzle: Oh So ya wanna be a wiseguy?!
      Larry: ...Wise...Guy...Does no compute, how may I serve you.
      Tuddruzle: Well you can start by getting me my slippers.
      Larry: Affermative (gets the slippers)
      Tuddruzle: Hey! I guess our little talk paid off!

    • "Larry upgrade"
      (Tuddruzle & Larry are argueing)
      Tuddruzle: Oh yeah?! Well You're just a....!!
      Larry: ah ah ah! (Points At Otto)
      Tuddruzle: Otto, Will you go play outside? larry & I need to have an adult conversation..
      Otto: Outside?! IN OUTER SPACE?!
      Tuddruzle: yes
      Otto: WOOPEE!
      (Jumps up & skips out the door)

    • from "Larry Upgrade"
      Tudrussel: "I can't take anymore of this robot-y robot"

    • from "Larry Upgrade"
      Larry: "Robot!? I have dreams! Feelings!

    • Big Al: Hey, are you lookin' to buy a car for you and the missis here (jerks a thumb at Larry).
      Larry (obviously insulted): Well, I never!
      Tuddrussel: "The missis". Ha!
      Big Al (chuckles, to Larry): I can tell you two aren't married. Probably just engaged.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • none: none
      BABS could be an oblique reference to an urban legend that Albert Einstein appeared on the radio program GUNSMOKE. What a German physicist would be doing in the Old West is beyond me....

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