Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 9

Billy the Baby / Father Figure of Our Country

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Billy the Baby:
The Time Squad's mission is to see William H. Bonnie, AKA Billy the Kid. Tuddrussel shows his inner history wiz by talking about Billy's life in extreme detail, Tuddrussel takes anything relating to the Old American West very seriously and tells Larry and Otto that Billy the Kid was an outlaw in a time where "men were men". But meanwhile in the Old West Billy the Kid is not doing so well as an outlaw, in fact he's not even considered a threat to have wanted posters made. But when he's wearing a bib and diaper and acting like a baby, you could imagine why nobody is taking him seriously. When the Time Squad arrives on the scene they are shocked and disturbed at the sight of Billy, who question why he would do this. Billy reasons that he acts like a baby because every outlaw has a gimmick that gets them remembered. Mortified, Tuddrussel makes it a point to get Billy to become a real outlaw or die trying. He makes Larry and Otto, and himself become outlaws and form the "Billy the Kid Gang" where they attempt to show Billy how to be ruthless. This plan both fails and succeeds; The gang lead by Tuddrussel does have some successful robberies and gets them recognition and they have their names on wanted posters. But unfortunately, Tuddrussel still could not break Billy's "baby" habits and he was out shined by everyone else. With a bounty on their heads, a mysterious man known as "The Man With No Name" comes to capture them and to collect the reward money. Tuddrussel puts up a fight, and the two have a shootout at high noon and No Name effortlessly shoots the gun out of Tuddussel's hand. The gang quickly escapes the guy and they ride for great distances over mountains and rivers in order to lose him. But No Name is always one step ahead, and no matter where the gang goes, No Name always manages to find them! After a while of being out on the run, they all give up and turn themselves in to the sheriff. But to their horror, it turns out that the sheriff is No Name! The Sheriff tells them that he plans to hang them first thing at dawn, and even has four nooses ready for them at the scaffold. The Time Squad tries to come up with a plan to escape, and Tuddrussel becomes angry when he takes notice of Billy playing with his rattle. He takes the rattle from Billy and throws it out of the jail cell, and the Sheriff picks it up and shakes it to taunt him. Billy becomes enraged, and with an Incredible Hulk like strength he bends the iron bars of the jail cell and beats up the Sheriff to get his toy back. The commotion from the jail is heard from out side and the townspeople look in to see that Billy has taken the sheriff down, and soon after Billy was immortalized forever as the toughest outlaw in the West.


Father Figure of Our Country:
Tuddrussel is trying to be less "brotherly" and more "fatherly" to Otto by doing typical father/son things like teaching him how to ride a bike, play baseball, and how to fish. While Tuddrussel obviously has the best intentions, Otto keeps on getting seriously hurt because of Tuddrussel not knowing how he should treat a small child.  Their day is interrupted by the history instability alarm, where their mission is to see George Washington, Otto's personal hero. Otto's excitement annoys Tuddrussel greatly, who doesn't get why Otto goes nuts over the guy.  They zap to the 1780's to find out that Washington is very popular with the American people, a little too popular. So much so that Washington is considering giving up the presidency early.  After saving Washington from a horde of rabid fans, Washington explains to Otto that he hasn't had a moment of peace since taking of the presidency and that he would rather just go back to his farm and raise a family with his wife.  The talk of escaping public life gives Washington the idea to ask Otto if he'd like to go fish with him, and of course this derails Otto's pleads to reconsider and he agrees to join him. Larry at this point becomes preoccupied with 18 Century clothing sales to really take notice of Washington, leaving Tuddrussel to grow jealous of Otto's "favoritism" over the guy. Tuddrussel spies on the two, and watches Washington do everything that he had been trying to do with Otto all day, from playing baseball to fishing, Washington shows that he's the more caring and attentive father figure that Otto never had and this infuriates Tuddrussel greatly.  Later, Washington confides with Otto that after everything that's happened, he decided that he's going to stay being president, and then drops the news that he wants to adopt Otto and have him live with him and Martha. Otto of course is absolutely thrilled, but before he has anytime to give an answer to Washington's offer Tuddrussel comes out from hiding and tells Washington off that Otto is his.  Washington calls out on Tuddrussel's behavior towards Otto, saying that he's a terrible role model for the boy and doesn't appreciate Otto's great intellect or spirit. Tuddrussel kinda agrees with Washington, but stands his ground that he found him first and he's staying his. This argument escalates to them wanting to outright shoot each other, but luckily Otto stands up for himself before damage is done. Otto says that he wants to stay with Washington. But then he let's Washington down by saying that he can't though because his place is with Time Squad, and he's sorry because he knows so well that Washington really did want to be a father, but he tells him that he is the father to an entire country and that's just as, if not more important.  Confused, Tuddrussel asks if he's choosing him over Washington, and Otto says to Tudd that nobody could ever replace him. With that, Washington leads the country again with Otto's encouragement and Tuddrussel and Otto's relationship is on even better terms than before.