Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 10

Ex Marks the Spot / Horse of Horrors

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Ex Marks The Spot:
Otto is concerned about Larry, who is in an oddly chipper mood as he goes about his day preparing Tuddrussel's favorite food and cleaning his phasers and everything in between. Even more alarming to Otto is that Larry seems completely unaware that Tuddrussel is completely oblivious to Larry's lovey-dovey behavior towards him. They get a mission to  15th Century Germany to assist the inventor of the printing press- Johann Gutenberg. But as soon as they arrive things get nasty as someone is destroying the local printing press. Getting into action, Tuddrussel investigates the racket and the Time Squad discovers that the French teenaged leader, Joan of Arc, is the one who was working, and now bludgeoning the type setting machine. Meanwhile in war torn France, the French are being slaughtered by the English thanks to their incompetent leader, Gutenberg. It's here that Lt. Sheila Sternwell and her partner XJ-5 try to search for their suspect, Joan. Tuddrussel's unit come hauling in Joan, who promptly punches Tuddrussel in the stomach to let her go.  Sheila and Otto explain quickly to both Joan and Gutenberg that they need to switch careers and without much hassle they pursue their true destinies. Sheila then talks to Tuddrussel, which starts from asking if he's okay to actually reminiscing with him over past missions where he got beaten up by other historical figures.  The two start acting really friendly towards each other, even laughing, which is incredibly disturbing to Larry. The two officers decide to go out to eat and talk about old times and this leaves Larry and XJ-5 to freak out and worry that Tuddrussel and Sheila are falling in love again.  Without a moment to loose, Larry and XJ-5 hijack the kitchen at the restaurant that Tuddrussel and Sheila eating at and attempt to sabotage their meal, with the reasoning that the meal will be so bad that they'll have to hate each other then. But bad news for Larry, the entire meal was fantastic. They loved every bit of it, where even Tuddrussel was complementing Larry when the robot told them that he cooked it.  Larry screams, telling them furiously that the were supposed to hate the meal and he doesn't care how in love they are because nobody is taking Tuddrussel away! Sheila and Tuddrussel laugh uproariously at this, and both explain all the reasons why their marriage had failed in the first place. Larry is incredibly humiliated, and when Tuddrussel and Otto were ready to leave Larry tells Tuddrussel quite bitterly that tonight he's sleeping on the sofa.


Horse of Horrors:
Larry is upset with Tuddrussel that he's not just forgotten, but outright refuses to acknowledge Larry's birthday. Only a little bit doe's Otto's homemade gift cheer up Larry, before the history instability alarm goes off to call to help American patriot Paul Revere. Once getting to 1776, they see that Paul IS in fact warning the townsfolk that the British are coming- except he's on foot and not riding a horse. Tuddrussel thinks that the solution is simple enough and attempts to give Paul Revere a horse- but Revere turns out to be deathly afraid of horses to the point of fainting.  Tuddrussel suggests that it doesn't have to be a horse for Revere to ride, so the Time Squad ends up trying out different animals such as an elephant, an orangutan, a team of sled dogs, and a tortoise. Realizing that time is wasting, the gang tries to figure out what can be done. Larry says that the man needs is a psychiatrist. This gives Otto the idea that they should have Sigmund Freud help them out and they do this effortlessly on the Doctor's part. Freud has them go back in time to Revere's childhood where any tramatic events involving horses could have possibly occured. Larry zapped them to Paul's sixth birthday, where at the moment his father had just presented him a pretty, wide eyed "My Little Pony" pony complete with hearts on the flank. Young Revere becomes unsure about the pony and Tuddrussel intervenes, trying to assure the boy that it's just a pony and there's nothing to be afraid of. The pony turns from a lovable angel to a snarling beast from Hell who attacks Tuddrussel and tries to rip him to shreds.  Horrified, Otto and Larry, and a nonchalant Freud see why Revere is so traumatized!  Otto draws himself unwanted attention towards the pony and without warning the pony plows down Otto and Larry and tries to kill them. Once the pony gets bored, the Time Squad quickly makes their escape and now they are in trouble because not only have they failed to help Revere get over his fear, now THEY'RE just as traumatized. Freud tells them one solution to all of this-someone should be the horse. The Time Squad refuses, and with regret Freud becomes Revere's new horse.

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