Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 11

Floral Patton / Orphan Substitute

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Floral Patton:
George Patton is running a pristine flower shop. The flowers are well maintained and the prices are reasonable, it seems perfect! But what's not perfect is Patton himself. His barbaric attitude towards his workers, (and his clientele) has scared them off to bigger and kinder competition. The Time Squad get called in to get Patton to join the army. Larry finds the flowers to be absolutely wonderful and gives Patton advice on keeping his plants alive. Tuddrussel is having none of this and tries to beat some sense into Patton- and this went about as well as you'd think, Patton ends up beating some sense into him! The guys end up training under Patton ala Full Metal Jacket, working to be the toughest floral salesmen until the big Floral Spring Sale. On the day of the sale, all goes well until Patton blows his top and yells, and calls out military orders to customers and scares them off.  Otto asks him why he chose to go into the flower business in the first place. Patton explains that from the time he was a kid he was a natural born leader; he was captain of the football team in high school and graduated from West Point, so the only logical thing to do is go into the flower business. Otto pleads with Patton that someone with his mentality should only be in the army, and Patton goes to join the army in the recruit building that happened to be right across the street from his shop.

Orphan Substitute:
At the satellite Larry is looking through Otto's orphanage scrapbook while Tuddrussel and Otto heatedly play a video game. We get a glimpse of how bad Otto had it before being taken in by the Time Squad, with images of Otto working in coal mines and washing windows on the Empire State Building. Otto explains that his former caretaker, Sister Thornly, took him and the other children on "field trips" across the United States for extra money.  Otto realizes that he's about to beat his high score on the video game and gets excited, but as he was about to win Tuddrussel unplugs the game and Otto yells at Tuddrussel for doing so. They get called in to a mission, that happens to be President George W. Bush in 2002.  Tuddrussel and Otto continue to fight with each other during the mission, which is to get Bush to stop working on building the world's biggest ball of twine and get back to actually lead the country. After Otto gets Bush to knock it off, Tuddrussel still won't stop the insults and pushes Otto to leave them temporarily to go sight seeing. Then soon after Otto leaves, Larry gets a call to another mission, and Tuddrussel insists on leaving Otto to go take care of it themselves. It just so happened that while the Time Squad was in Washington DC , Sister Thornly had showed up with her wards to pick up a load of government cheese to take back to the orphanage. Sister Thornly spots Otto, and in a rage goes after him and steals him away.  Larry and Tuddrussel find out that their mission is to see Christopher Columbus in 1492, who's working a hot dog stand. The two officers are clueless on what to do without Otto and Larry demands that they go get him back. But Tuddrussel, still sore at Otto, thinks that it would be better to just grab another kid and they end up looking for other orphan geniuses to help them out. But they quickly run into a problem when the replacement boys, (including a certain non orphan genius Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory!) are obviously good at everything BUT history. Meanwhile, Otto is being punished by doing chores and is completely miserable. Luck would have it when Larry just so happens to zap them to Otto's orphanage and Otto is thrilled to get out of there. Larry and Tuddrussel are stunned, having no idea that he was back at the orphanage and quickly take him to Columbus before Sister Thornly catches them.