Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 4

Love at First Flight / Forget the Alamo

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Love At First Flight:
It's Otto's birthday! Tuddrussel and Larry make sure that Otto has the best birthday ever, with cake and drag racing and trivia games and some really cool presents! Otto is grateful for everything, and just when he thought he unwrapped all of his gifts, Larry points out a gift wrapped box that's been hiding in a corner. Excited, Otto rips it open to find his very own Time Squad uniform! He puts in on immediately, and starts mimicking Tuddrussel. Tuddrussel is super proud of the kid, but Larry's already starting to regret making the outfit when the Time Squad gets called in to see Amelia Earhart, the famous female pilot. She lives in an apartment secluded from the rest of the world, afraid of germs and has plastic covering everything in her home.  So when the Time Squad appears she really goes nuts and immediately orders them to put on plastic coverlets before she'll even talk to them. With Otto acting like a mini-Tudd, things go horribly wrong when Otto tries to handle Amelia the same way Tuddrussel would- by blowing things up with a laser gun! Horrified that a small child has ruined her house and that Tuddrussel was the one who encouraged the act, Amelia rants at Tuddrussel that he obviously has no regard for his or anyone's safety and has some major hygiene issues. Just to prove her point, Tuddrussel digs through her trash to find her thrown out spaghetti dinner and proceeds to eat it. Amelia is absolutely disgusted with him, yet, for some reason or another, this behavior triggers Amelia to see that Tuddrussel doesn't care about germs or being clean and tidy and is perfectly happy about life while she's absolutely miserable. So, she falls in love with him. And asks him to teach her to be just as reckless and "dirty".  The mission gets uber gross, as Tuddrussel teaches Amelia all of the ways he knows on how to be a slob. They eat with their hands and stuff food in their mouths like pigs, he makes her smell the inside of his boots, etc. Larry gets fed up with this behavior quickly, and after a while of watching Tuddrussel turn Otto, and Amelia into new visions of himself he tries to tell them that the mission has gone on far enough and Amelia needs to do her historical job. But Tuddrussel and Amelia are perfectly content on wallowing in the squalor they created...until Amelia tells Tuddrussel about her marriage plans with him! With alarm bells ringing in Tuddrussel's mind, he quickly sides with Larry and gets Amelia to fly a plane. At the airport getting ready to take off Tuddrussel tells her to fly around the world and fly right into the Bermuda Triangle, and tells her that he'll be there waiting for her. Otto, still acting like Tuddrussel gets put out and says that they all could of stayed together and be a big happy family. Larry, loosing the last straw of his temper rips Otto's outfit off him and throws it inside the Amelia's plane right as she takes off. Otto is embarrassed to be only wearing underwear while Tuddrussel and Larry ignore him, and the two note on how glad the mission is over and Tuddrussel talks of how relieved he is on escaping marriage with Amelia.


Forget the Alamo:
In the living room Otto and Larry are having a bonding moment where he's teaching him how to sew. Tuddrussel tries to intervene, telling Otto that he's not going to sew anything. Larry reasons to him that he's only trying to teach him creativity, but Tuddrussel refuses to let Larry as he puts it, "teach him how to be a girl".  The argument is interrupted by the alarm and the Time Squad heads out to the control room to find out that their mission is to go to the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Tuddrussel becomes excited to know that they're not only visiting Texas, but he now has the chance to meet one of his ancestors that he looked up to since he was a kid, Jeremiah Tuddrussel, who Tuddrussel claims was not only a hero to his family name but also a hero of the battle itself. They arrive at the scene to discover that inside the Alamo the troops are not preparing for war. . .but preparing for a fiesta! Larry is in absolute awe at it all, while Tuddrussel and Otto are concerned and go look for Jeremiah for help. But luck would have it they quickly run into him, but he's not the rough war hero that Tuddrussel had hoped he'd be. Jeremiah is a effeminate man who wears a tacky rhinestone cowboy outfit and doesn't plan on fighting the Mexican army. Why? He and everyone else at the Alamo knows that the Mexican army out numbers them 10 to 1, and it's better that they have a Mexican Heritage party to show that Texas is big enough for both Mexico and the Republic of Texas. Otto tries to tell him that that plan isn't going to work, because Texas WASN'T big enough for both and that's what the fight is about. Soon, Larry decides to help Jeremiah with the party planning leaving Otto and Tuddrussel to fix the mission, but Tuddrussel becomes depressed because he just found out that a big part of his family history is all a big lie, and therefore doesn't know who he is anymore. Otto tries to cheer him up by saying that he's "Officer Buck Tuddrussel of Time Squad, and it's his job to get these men to defend the Alamo to save history". And this pumps up Tuddrussel's spirits and they try to go about figuring out how to get the troops together, but lurking in the shadows is non other than Davy Crockett! He over heard them and will not have anyone sabotaging the fiesta, so he has them locked away in the prison and makes them sew party ponchos. Meanwhile, Larry is busy planning the fiesta, ordering the men to instead of putting candy into the piñata they should put glitter in it and other elaborate details, and during all this he doesn't notice that his partners are missing. Giving up on Larry, Tuddrussel makes Otto come up with a plan to get out of the jail. Otto does figure out a plan, by tricking Davy Crockett into unlocking the door and putting on a handmade "jacket" that Otto sewn just for him. Otto tightens the jacket, revealing that it's in fact a straight jacket and now Tuddrussel and Otto can lock Crockett in and escape. And just in the nick of time too, as General Santa Anna and his army come to join the festivities. Larry tries to be the perfect host, offering the General ice cream tacos. Santa Anna is deeply insulted by everything that the Texans have pulled, declaring that the fiesta is not celebrating Mexican culture and has his men attack.  During the battle Jeremiah yells at Larry for ruining his fiesta before he gets attacked. Tuddrussel only gleefully tells him that it serves him right. Larry is now sad that his party had failed, but Tuddrussel tries to cheer him up with a poncho he sewed for him. Larry is thrilled with Tuddrussel's gift and tries to hug him, but Tuddrussel shuts down the gesture and makes Larry upset again.