Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 4

Love at First Flight / Forget the Alamo

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In "Love At First Flight": Tuddrussel says he got Otto the King Tut sarcophagus from when they were in Egypt. Unless he wasn't making reference to "Shop Like An Egyptian", this isn't true to "Shop Like An Egyptian" because at the end of that episode, Tuddrussel was broken up over finding out that Cleopatra was using him and Larry as servants.

  • Quotes

    • Santa Anna: This is not mexican! You have insulted our country! Amigos attack!( fighting starts)

    • from "Forget the Alamo"
      (after Tuddrussel pricks his finger on the needle)
      Tuddrussel: Aw, for crying out loud! Sewing party ponchos is woman's work.

    • from "Forget the Alamo"
      Otto: Let me hear that Time Squad motto.
      Tuddrussel: "Ensuring the past to protect our farmers."
      Otto: Close enough.

    • From: "Forget The Alamo" Jeremiah Tuddrussel: Hello! "VIVA MAXICO"!?!?!? It's Mexico with an "E"? Oh, go help Roy with a papaer mache of parrots. Larry 3000: Hold It! (Snap!) This is not what will discussed. I want Kiwi-Mango-Salsa. READ MY FLASHING MOUTH... KIWI-MANGO-SALSA!

    • From: "Love At First Flight"
      Buck Tuddrussel: (Burp!) Hey Larry! It's gettin' little prowl here!
      Amelia: (Burp!) And bring out some nachos!
      Otto: (Burp!) Yeah! And put some more cheese on 'em this time!

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