Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 7

Out with the In Crowd / Child's Play

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Out with the In Crowd / Child's Play

Out with the In Crowd- The gang have to save Dr. Livingstone from cannibals but decide to have a vacation instead! Assuming that the squad is missing in action, Time Squad Headquarters has called upon the talented, and snobbish officers J.T. Laser and Lance 9 Trillion to come rescue them.

Child's Play- The Time Squad meet Shakespeare, who is doing children's plays! Shakespeare becomes inspired to write a comedic play about the Time Squad, but Larry becomes his censor who tries to make him turn his work to being completely "child-friendly" and void of "entertainment".


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    Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon

    Otto Osworth

    Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill

    The Lawrence "Larry" 3000

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Beauregard "Officer Buck" Tuddrussel

    Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill

    The Larry 3000 Actor, The Larry 3000 Plush Toy

    Guest Star

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Actor #2, Otto Actor

    Guest Star

    Jim Wise

    Jim Wise

    JT Laser

    Guest Star

    Daran Norris

    Daran Norris

    William Shakespear

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • J.T. Lazer was a reference to the 1980's movie Robocop. In the movie, Murphy's son Jimmy watches a show about a futuristic cop wearing a spandex uniform named T.J. Lazer.

      • Larry 3000 has an autograph book with the signatures of famous robots: hal 9000, C3PO, RoboCop, Mr. Roboto, Robby, and
        Lance 900,000,000,000

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Tuddrussel: Hey, JT! Long time no see, right bro?
        JT and Lance: -dead silence-
        Tuddrussel: Hey, don't cha remember? From the academy? Tuddrussel! Buck Tuddrussel, man!
        JT Lazer: The guy with the weight problem?
        Tuddrussel: (hurt) Ahh, well uhh that was a glandular thing. . .

      • Larry: Oh! Can you believe it?!
        Tuddrussel: It's really them!
        Otto: (confused and angry) Why are you two acting so weird? Who are those guys?
        Tuddrussel: Only the COOLEST Time Squad unit on the force! JT Lazer graduated at the top of our class, and was voted most likely to become Time Squad Chief Commissioner !
        Larry: You don't recognize the Lance 9 trillion?
        Otto: (like no, why would I?) No. . .

      • Sir Henry: (to himself) Oh, come on Sir Henry, remember your African tribesmen dialect. (Speaking to the cannibals in their language) My name is Silly Suzy and I'm wearing rubber underpants!
        Cannibals: -laughs hysterically-

      • Otto: Are you sure that we should be going on vacation? I mean it is our busy season...
        Larry: Well, it would be considered high treason and we could face a lifetime in prison. (cheerfully) But don't be such a worry-wart!

    • NOTES (2)

      • Larry points out that "Go time!" and "Get some" were "inappropriate for children". Why didn't he point it out before?

      • Anyone notice that there's an underlying joke in Child's Play about how kids' shows are usually ruined by commercialism (that producer) and moralism (Larry)?

    • ALLUSIONS (0)